“That would be my dream” – Jannik Schümann wants 185 gay soccer players

For actor Jannik Schümann (29) it is important to show attitude in public. “I try to be a mouthpiece for those who want to live in a fairer, freer world. I see that as my responsibility, with the range that I have. “

The 29-year-old explains this in the title interview of the 250th issue of DB MOBIL, Deutsche Bahn’s customer magazine.

Schümann sees himself as a representative of millennials: “I am counting on our generation and on the one that is coming now, and the easiest way to reach these generations is through social media.”

Schümann on the set of the new Sisi filmPhoto: jannik.schuemann / Instagram

A year ago, Schümann came out as homosexual on Instagram. The actor, known from movies like “Dem Horizont so nah”, the TV series “Charité” and from December as Emperor Franz Joseph in the remake “Sisi”, tells in an interview that he feared that certain roles would not be played afterwards to get more.

“That was a thought just before the post. Because back then there weren’t any pioneers and I didn’t know what was going to happen. ”The only publicly homosexual men known from his branch throughout Germany were Clemens Schick (49) and Jochen Schropp (43). But it was out of the question for him that he would do it.

I knew that if I didn’t get a job because of that, I wouldn’t even want to work with the people concerned. But it never happened. And it shouldn’t sound arrogant, but people saw that I can play a straight lover.

Shortly after Schümann came out publicly, Germany spoke about #ActOut: a manifesto in which 185 German filmmakers who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, non-binary or transsexual have shown themselves in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”.

Schümann was also there. The reactions to it were not only positive, he reveals: “For example, we also got to hear that we had only done it to get into the media.”

Nonetheless, he is happy with the movement today and wishes it sent a signal: “I hope that other industries will follow us. Sometimes I’m too tough and direct and often offend because I think radically. ”

But: It makes him “very angry” that footballers don’t finally get their mouths open and that the industry is not represented at all in the LGBTQ area.

“If I were an active player, I would come out”

“It doesn’t help to pick up a rainbow flag and say: ‘We stand by it.’ Actually, everyone should come out. Imagine if there were an #ActOut movement for football: 185 German players would get together and publicly call them queer. That would be my dream ”, says Schümann.

The actor is convinced that HE would reveal his homosexuality if he were a Bundesliga player. Even if he was aware that it was a different industry.

“But still: yes, if I were an active player I would come out – or look for another profession. I wouldn’t want to work in an industry where I am not accepted for who I am. Hiding who I really am would not be an option for me. “

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