The 20 goals to shout champion in the Chile Cup 2021

Colo Colo had a weekend full of glory in the Chile Cup, establishing himself as the brand new champion of the traditional national competition after beating Everton 2-0 at the Fiscal de Talca, the same venue where seven months ago he managed to seal his stay in the First Division.

The Cacique had a long way in this tournament, starting everything before Deportes La Serena in the round of 16 bracket, dispatching the papayeros with a resounding 7-1 on aggregate after winning 3-1 at La Portada and 4-0 on the return leg played at Monumental.

There appeared Palestinian as the rival to beat, where the difficulty to overcome the key increased considerably. This was seen on the global scoreboard, where the albos prevailed with a 4-3 after winning 3-2 at La Cisterna and drawing 1-1 at the Pedrero compound.

The semifinals had Unión Española before the definition of the title, before whom Gustavo Quinteros’ team perhaps got its best version in this Copa Chile. A 4-0 at Monumental and a 3-2 at Santa Laura were proof of this, rounding up an unappealable 7-2 on aggregate.

Iván Morales was the scorer of this Copa Chile with five goals. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

This is how we reached the final in Talca, where with a 2-0 against Everton on the scoreboard the albos managed to stay with a 13th Chile Cup in history, further stretching its advantage in the ranking of champions of the traditional Chilean soccer tournament.

The Cacique’s scorer in this Chile Cup was Iván Morales with five goals. He followed Pablo Solari with four annotations, Gabriel Costa with three, Martín Rodríguez and Marcos Bolados with two, and Emiliano Amor with Joan Cruz with a goal. In addition, Lucas Fasson of La Serena and Jonathan Benítez of Palestino each contributed an own goal.

Check out the 20 goals of the Cacique in this Chile Cup:

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