The 2021 accounts rejected by the National Assembly, another setback for the macronists

A new hiccup for the macronists without an absolute majority: the National Assembly rejected this Wednesday, August 3, the 2021 budget settlement bill, a step usually quite banal for the validation of public accounts.

The deputies rejected the text by 173 votes against 167, via a coalition of oppositions.

This bill is a text “technique which looks back on the past budget year and only aims to take note of its execution”. His rejection “does not have any consequences on the budgetary programming for the year 2023, nor on the State’s ability to honor its budgetary commitments for the year 2022”put the Ministry of Public Accounts into perspective.

The government “releases” a budget: the underside of a plumbing metaphor

The government was counting on a last green light from the National Assembly during this final reading, after the rejection of the text in the Senate, where the right pinned the situation “very degraded public accounts”with a public deficit of 6.4% of GDP in 2021.

After the vote against by the National Assembly, with six votes, the government could resubmit a settlement bill to the Council of Ministers.

“The richest contribute less and less to the state budget”

On Wednesday, the right and left oppositions jointly criticized a text presented with ” delay “opposing it for different reasons.

The LR right repeated through the voice of deputy Patrick Hetzel that “the alert level on public finances has been exceeded for a long time”. On the far right, RN Bryan Masson accused the Macronist majority “economic wanderings” Between “taxes on the middle and working classes” and “flaming inflation”.

On the left, the socialist Philippe Brun spoke of the “Coue method” of the government which ” fell asleep “deeming the “42 billion euros disbursed” in 2021 for the government’s €100 billion recovery plan.

Charges, fuel rebates… the Assembly adopts the second part of the measures in favor of purchasing power

The rebellious David Guiraud has “acknowledged that the Covid episode forces a certain indulgence”. But “the richest contribute less and less to the state budget”he denounced, while the ecologist Christine Arrighi pointed “inaction” executive climate.

In the hemicycle, the Minister of Industry Roland Lescure defended a year 2021 of ” reprise “ thanks to a “6.8% (GDP) growth”with a “exceptional recovery effort” and of “protection”. The government praised the favorable employment situation and a “historically low youth unemployment rate”.

The general budget rapporteur Jean-René Cazeneuve (Renaissance) described another year 2021 ” extraordinary “ for public accounts due to the Covid, with the financing of partial activity.

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