The 26th edition of the Cayastá – Santa Fe Crossing was successfully carried out

The twenty-sixth uninterrupted edition of the Cayastá – Santa Fe crossing kayaking. It was on Saturday and Sunday, and it was organized by the Azopardo Club.

“We left the Punta Arena de Cayastá campsite and the first stop is Santa Rosa. With this inlet of water and oxygen, it allowed us to do the traditional one, the one we always do, because the Santa Rosa stream was completely dry,” he commented. Fabio Cremonpresident of the institution.

There were 100 boats from all over the country that participated. There were people from Chaco, Formosa, Rosario, Buenos Aires, Concepción del Uruguay, among other places. The event is not about a simple walk: they are 120 kilometers in total and, although it is not competition, it is about 8 hours of rowing. “You have to be prepared, it’s not for everyone.”

“The important thing is that they see the Santa Fe tradition, the transfer from the old city to the new one, which is the origin of this journey. Do you know what the Santa Fe idiosyncrasy is?. They leave with a very nice impression of Santa Fe, its people and its culture,” he said finally.

It is not a kayak ride, there are 120 kilometers in total, you have to be prepared. It is not a competition, it is shared and everyone is expected, it is 8 hours of rowing.

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