The 3rd 616 Weimob Retail Shopping Festival kicks off, focusing on corporate digital transformation team training

The epidemic has repeated, and the retail business has been under pressure in the short-term. In order to give full play to the traction effect of consumption on the national economy, overcome the impact of the epidemic on the economy and society, help companies bail out, and boost market confidence, on the afternoon of May 10, 2022, Weimeng announced through a cloud press conference that the “Digital Manufacturing” The 3rd 616 Weimob Retail Shopping Festival with the theme of “Retail Goods” was officially launched.

Based on finding popular retail products for consumers and enriching the consumption experience, in 2022, 616 Weimob will join hands with more than 100 retail brands to carry out rich promotion activities for good products, and will hold the “Digital Manufacturing Retail Competition” to jointly promote consumption replenishment and release consumption potential to drive the effective growth of retail enterprises. According to the rules of the competition system, Weimeng will invest heavy bonuses and multiple professional resources, and will hold the finals of the “Digital Manufacturing Retail Detective Team” in late July.

Ling Yun, Vice President of Weimob Group, explained the focus and activity goals of the 3rd 616. On June 16, 2022, Weimob will use various activities to focus on the incubation and training of the “digital retail trader team”, the backbone of the enterprise’s digital retail transformation. Help enterprises achieve a leap in team digital capabilities, and promote retail brands to quickly and effectively carry out digital retail operations.

Wu Ruiling, vice president of China Chain Store & Franchise Association, Jia Kun, editor-in-chief of Yibang Power, Wang Xiaofeng, president of Extreme Retail Research Institute, and Shen Shuaibo, director of Attack Wave Finance and Economics, were invited to attend the cloud conference, and focused on “the key to the evolution of digital retail teams”. Click on the topic online to connect to the microphone to start discussions on related topics.

Retail evolution: enhancing “digital power” into a “required course” for retail companies

At present, the digital economy is unstoppable, and digital capabilities have become an important engine driving the upgrading of many industries. With the increasing importance of digital retail in the business development of enterprises, digital business capabilities and data capitalization capabilities have become the key to the development and competition of retail enterprises, and a retail trader team with excellent digital combat capabilities is the premise for the successful digital transformation of enterprises. and foundation.

Wu Ruiling, vice president of the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, said that despite the negative impact of the epidemic on economic development, people’s yearning for a better life remains unchanged. From a macro perspective, a series of comprehensive policies are continuously releasing consumption potential, taking into account the requirements of both short-term support and medium- and long-term promotion; from an industry perspective, digital transformation has become a consensus, and enterprises are increasingly hoping to use digital tools and operation methods to achieve stable growth. The demand for relevant talents is also more urgent. It is hoped that through industry activities such as the 616 Retail Shopping Festival, while helping companies achieve a leap in their team’s digital capabilities, they will enrich consumers’ consumption experience in the digital economy era, thereby promoting consumption recovery and business performance growth.

Ling Yun, Vice President of Weimob Group, took Shanghai merchants under the epidemic as an example, and believed that they actively sought changes, changed their marketing strategies, adjusted and provided special services as needed, and used social tools such as communities to help themselves and evolve. “When the retail business environment changes, the original retail power fails, and the ability of digital retail operators to operate will directly determine the survival and long-term development of enterprises in an uncertain business environment,” Ling Yun said.

At present, Weimob’s smart retail business is evolving along the direction of 1.0 business digitization – 2.0 digital business – 3.0 data assetization. From building the digital retail capability of physical channels to the operation capability of users in the private domain of enterprises, enterprises need top-to-bottom solutions. To carry out top-level design and systematic construction of the business, this process needs to be connected by the backbone of the retail enterprise – the trader. Ling Yun believes that the trader shoulders the heavy responsibility of implementing the digital transformation strategy of the enterprise and leading the team to start the digital operation to drive new growth. Therefore, it is necessary to Has three capability models: not only a project controller, but also a marketing blaster, and also a training instructor.

In order to incubate traders who match the era of digital retail, Weimob will provide multiple resources such as ability training, practical drills, expert guidance, multiple incentives, and stage presentations. Through systematic production methodology and smart retail talent training model, Weimeng will help companies achieve continuous incubation of digital retail. Ability to manage the team. The model has also been tested positively in the first Weimeng Super Shopping Guide Competition held before, achieving a year-on-year increase of 160% in the number of new customers participating in the shopping guide, and a year-on-year increase of 81% in performance. According to Ling Yun, a total of 10 teams will enter the final night and compete for the final team award in the digital retail competition held during the 616 Weimeng Retail Shopping Festival.

Borrowing the 616 Precipitation Methodology: Weimob helps the digitalization of the retail industry accelerate

In 2022, the 616 Weimob Retail Shopping Festival has entered its third year. With the success of attracting the participation of many leading brands in the retail industry and the ability to use the competition to precipitate the industry methodology, the 616 Weimob Retail Shopping Festival has become an important event in the Chinese retail industry that integrates preferential shopping for consumers and the cultivation of digital capabilities of retail enterprises. The acceleration of industry digitalization is significant.

At the press conference, chaired by Jia Kun, editor-in-chief of Yibang Power, Wu Ruiling, vice president of China Chain Store & Franchise Association, Wang Xiaofeng, president of Extreme Retail Research Institute, and Shen Shuaibo, director of Attack Wave Finance, and other guests connected with the microphone on the spot to discuss the “evolution of digital retail team”. key points” launched an online discussion.

Ling Yun, Vice President of Weimob Group, further explained the original intention and significance of the “Digital Manufacturing Retail Competition” in the 616 Retail Shopping Festival. Ling Yun said that after serving more than 100 outstanding retail companies, we realized that digital retail is not an innovative business model, not “from 0 to 1”, but should be placed in the existing business of retail companies. Among them, to carry out digital reconstruction and efficiency improvement. Compared with the previous years, the biggest change of this 616 is to return the stage to the enterprise, to show the industry the best digital cognitive perspective and practical methods of China’s enterprises.

Wu Ruiling, vice president of the China Chain Store & Franchise Association, believes that leading companies like Weimob are organizing shopping festivals and attracting many retail brands to participate, which is a manifestation of industry confidence and resilience. Retail is an ancient and constantly innovative consumer experience, An industry that brings surprises to people, and digitalization makes the retail industry more possibilities and infinite vitality.

Wang Xiaofeng, Dean of the Ultimate Retail Research Institute, believes that digitalization brings the combination of the consumption side, the supply side and the industry side, which further promotes the reform and reconstruction of the industrial ecology. For example, the reengineering and upgrading of the demand side is reflected in the infinite approach to consumer demand, the reengineering and upgrading of the channel side is reflected in the faster arrival of products on the consumer side, and the reengineering and upgrading of the experience side is reflected in the improvement of consumer experience in the transaction link. He divides the digitalization process of retail enterprises into three states: active, passive and trapped. He believes that the cultivation of an excellent digital retail trading team is limited by three factors: first, whether the CEO has a digital professional background; Digital managers (CDOs) must not only understand business and operations, but also have data analysis and project execution capabilities. Such compound talents are not easy to find. The third is whether the soil of the enterprise can help retain digital talents.

Shen Shuaibo, director of Attack Wave Finance, said that the transformation of retail enterprises is essentially a transformation of thinking. Digitalization seems to focus more on managing the consumer side. Marketing has a profound impact. Applying digitization to consumer operations, while leveraging consumer data feedback to reshape upwards is the key to the future. Under the current situation of increasing retail competition pressure, whoever is more sophisticated can gain more possibilities. This is a very difficult and tedious thing. Of course, there will be more platforms like Weimeng and its large number of tools. It can help retail enterprises, but the key is to reshape thinking and firm execution.

This year is the third consecutive year that Weimeng has held the 616 Retail Shopping Festival. From the initial online-offline linkage and the integration of public and private domains to the continuous in-depth development of digital operations, Weimeng hopes to join hands with many customers and industry partners to achieve digital transformation. Every key node of the company examines the tools and methodologies, consolidates the results, and jointly promotes the accelerated development and prosperity of the digital retail era.

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