The 5 Best iPhone 14 Accessories

The strength of the iPhone has always been its ecosystem. But when we think about this ecosystem, we mainly focus on the brand’s products. And that’s a shame, because it doesn’t stop at these. Over the years, many props designers have joined the adventure. And now, thousands of accessories gravitate around our iPhone. To such an extent that it is not always easy to navigate.

And that is precisely what brings us to this file, a file that will introduce you to the 11 best accessories for iPhone 14, the test of which you can find here.

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The iPhone 14 was released in September. The range includes four devices this year: the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. If any of them interest you, then here are the best prices on the market.

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Moft Snap Case

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The first thing you’ll probably want to do is protect your iPhone. What we can easily understand given the price it probably cost you. That’s where Moft’s hull comes in. A semi-transparent silicone case that comes in several colors to appeal to as many people as possible. You can find it in black, white or in a totally transparent version. And if its look is very refined, it is also built to last. It consists of several scratch-resistant layers.

Even better, it also offers light cushioning to prevent your iPhone from breaking with the slightest shock. The part surrounding the photo module is also slightly curved to prevent the optics from coming into contact with the ground if you drop your phone.

A very nice shell, therefore, for everyday life.

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But Moft didn’t stop there. The brand also offers on its site a small accessory designed for all its cases: the Adhesive Phone Lanyard. Which could be translated into French by the adhesive strap for the phone.

Concretely, the accessory comes in the form of a small plastic tab that sticks to the back of the hull. A tongue accompanied by a removable strap. Once in place, it will function as a wrist strap, so it will prevent your iPhone from ending up on the ground if you let it go.

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An accessory that is super practical, for example, when filming a lot freehand, and in conditions that are not always obvious.

Count €39.95 for the seton the props website.

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Moft’s MagSafe battery/magnetic case combo among the best iPhone accessories

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We stay at Moft with another two-in-one solution. A solution that combines an external MagSafe battery and… a case.

Once again, you have the choice of color. The solution is available in blue, brown, purple and black. It consists of a 3400 mAh battery and a MagSafe case that can accommodate, like the MagSafe case, three cards. You can use either of these accessories, but also combine them together. The battery indeed embeds magnets on both sides and it is therefore possible to hang the case on the battery, and the battery on the phone.

Clever, but it’s not over. The battery also has indicator lights. A simple press of its button will suffice to know the state of its charge. And to charge it, you will of course find a USB-C connector placed on the side. With an interesting detail. In the box, Moft provides a cable ending on a magnetic head. If you detach the head and plug it into the USB-C battery connector, then you can charge the accessory magnetically by approaching its cable.

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As for the case, it conceals a foot that will allow you to hold your iPhone upright. Very useful when you want to watch a series during lunch.

Clearly one of the best iPhone accessories. And besides, it’s not very expensive. The pack will indeed come back to you at €54.95.

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The QuadLock hull

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We’re back in the hulls, but with a slightly different concept: The QuadLock Mag Case.

QuadLock is more than a collection of iPhone accessories. In reality, the company is at the head of a real ecosystem. An ecosystem based on an original fastening system. The system in question indeed combines magnets and physical support. Once the phone is hung on a fixing, it does not move a bit. There is therefore no risk of losing it or dropping it.

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This feature has allowed QuadLock to find its place among sports enthusiasts and lovers of extreme sensations. There are also an impressive number of bindings. Thanks to them, you can hang your phone on a motorcycle, a bicycle, a car or even your arm. Even better, some of them will even be able to charge your phone. In addition, the magnets integrated into the shell also allow it to be compatible with all MagSafe accessories.

Count €39.90 for the hull. Promotions are regularly offered.

The Quad Lock charging station

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QuadLock also offers charging-oriented iPhone accessories. One of which allows simultaneous charging of two devices.

The first load space is placed at base level. It will accommodate your AirPods or any other device compatible with the Qi standard. The second is located high up, and it comes with a Quad Lock attachment. After putting on the shell of the mark, you will therefore only have to approach it to fix it. And there is no risk of it moving afterwards. On the other hand, you can change the inclination of the phone to pass it vertically or horizontally.

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An adhesive is also placed at the base. It will prevent slipping. As a bonus, the accessory also includes an ambient light sensor. The station will therefore deactivate its two charging LEDs at nightfall.

The station is a bit expensive, it is offered at €139.90. Be careful, because its price also depends on the power of its charger.

Benks headphone holder / charging station

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We change dairies and go to Benks with this ultimate accessory. A very practical accessory. It comes in the form of a helmet holder. It will therefore be able to accommodate your AirPods Max at its top, to allow you to always keep them nearby. The shape of its headband has also been specially designed to match that of the headband of Apple’s headphones. It is additionally covered with a soft plastic to prevent snags.

And of course, it can also accommodate a helmet from another brand. It supports about thirty different models.

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There is more though. The base of the accessory houses coils. It can therefore also charge a wireless device. It supports Qi, with a power of 15W. So you just have to put your iPhone or AirPods on it. The price remains moderate. He reaches forty euros.

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