The 5 most outstanding campaigns of the week

The 5 most outstanding campaigns of the week

As every week, we give you a count of which have been top 5 campaigns, where your strategy is taken into account, new creative marketing ideas to attract the attention of consumersSince this is how you gain ground in the market, it is necessary to constantly remind people of the name of a brand or a product, likewise, it is ideal that campaigns are presented during important and representative dates of certain cultures, such as the day of the dead in Mexico or on September 15. In addition to being aware of the seasons of the year, as in this case spring, since this way you can connect with the viewer.

In the world of advertising, companies are constantly looking for innovative ways to promote their products or services. Every week, new advertising campaigns appear that seek to stand out from the competition that is evidently immense.

The 5 most outstanding campaigns of the week

Brand: Tiffany & Co

campaign: TiffanyLock

Agency: TwelveA.M.

With 6 global city shoots in the UK, Europe and EMEA, over 200 delivered assets and an incredible 12 talent partnerships, TwelveA.M. produced the global content alongside local photographers to maintain creative authenticity in each market.

The recent #TiffanyLock mixed media campaign was shot on location with local talent and features the stars of cult favorite TV series The White Lotus, Beatrice Grannò and Simona Tabasco, as well as Ncuti Gatwa and Yasmin Finney. , among others.



Agency: At the Box

Brand: Nankang Tires

campaign: 60 years of going around the world

Agency: bean advertising house

The introduction campaign for Nankang tires in Iran features an exciting promotional video highlighting the superior quality and performance of these tires. The video shows a tire rolling around various locations around the world driving on different terrains, where it manages to challenge all types of terrain.

Brand: Very

campaign: getting ready

Agency: Grey Londres

Very has launched a new spring campaign that highlights its comprehensive retail offering and captures the recognizable chaos that ensues when a family prepares to leave the house for an event, a moment that is all too common in the arrival of spring.

According to the perception of Very customers, families look forward to spring as a key time in their calendars. It represents the end of winter and the beginning of planning for the warmer months, ushering in renewed positivity. Families intend to spend more time outdoors, including in the garden; plan outings and vacations, and attend events together.

Very’s new campaign is designed to meet these needs for families, offering a wide range of retail products to help them prepare for spring events and activities.

Brand: Viajes el Corte Inglés

Campaign: “Maravillate”

Agency: thinkers

The Spanish travel agency “El Corte Inglés” is promoting its long trips through Branded Content with a video clip set to the rhythm of a version of the song “How would I marvel at them” by the legendary Spanish singer Lola Flores.

The video clip features a group of travelers venturing to exotic destinations, from tropical beaches to historic cities, while Lola Flores’ song emphasizes the excitement and excitement of exploring new places and discovering new cultures.

The campaign is designed to capture the essence of adventure and discovery found in long journeys, while highlighting the quality and convenience of “El Corte Inglés” travel services. With its focus on Spanish music and culture, the campaign also aims to appeal to national and international travelers looking for an authentic and enriching travel experience.

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