The 7 keys to having a healthy diet

La Cuarta y Mutual de Seguridad, on the “World Food Day that is celebrated this October 16, gives you valuable information to take care of habits and have a healthy diet. It is important to avoid certain types of foods that can harm our body.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations celebrates “World Food Day” on October 16, a date that seeks to raise awareness about people’s food problems and strengthen solidarity in the fight against hunger. In our country, the pandemic caused endless changes in our habits and, because we are with things, (and I include myself) we eat terrible food, which translates into risk factors for a number of diseases that can affect our quality of life. life. Faced with this context, Mutual de Seguridad together with La Cuarta, give you the 7 keys to take care of your habits and maintain a healthy diet.

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