The Academy 2022: Know all the details of this edition 20

La Academia, is the famous Mexican reality show which returns with its 20th edition, in which many of the judges who in previous seasons have made the participants grow and improve their artistic talents will attend.

The program will be led by one of the most beautiful drivers of the momentwho thanks to her charisma has led various projects, until reaching Al Extremo, a program in which we see her today.

It is about the beautiful Vanessa Claudio who will be together with the singer Alexander Acha as director of La Academia and Aleks Syntek as a mentor, while the handsome William Valdés returns as Host Digital.

The Academy will have Lolita Cortés

Lilita Cortes

Lilita Cortes

It should be noted that the most anticipated return is that of Lolita Cortés, who once again joins the Academy jury, at her side, as in previous seasons, will be Horacio Villalobos and Arturo López Gavito, who will also have the help of Ana Bárbara, who joins the jury of the Academy.

On the other hand, fans of the program hope that it will soon be announced that Cynthia Rodríguez will be the other host of La Academia 2022, although at the moment, nothing is confirmed.

Auditions for The Academy 2022

If you are interested in part of the famous reality show, it is very important to be aware of the program’s social networks, where the dates on which they will be received are continuously published. the virtual castings of the Academy.

This modality not only makes it possible to avoid large crowds of people in favor of the sanitary measures imposed after COVID-19, but also helps more participants have the opportunity to access this singing contest.

Although if you prefer, you can also attend the casting in person, adhering to the dates established so far, which are:

  • May 14 – Guadalajara
  • May 21 – Mexico City

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