The accused has previously kidnapped a 17-year-old girl

It was at 02.45 on Wednesday night that the police were notified that a person had been stabbed outside Anker Apartment in Københavngata, which is located on the upper Grünerløkka.

Wednesday at approx. at 11 pm, the accused man in his 30s was arrested.

On Friday, he will be produced for custody in Oslo District Court.

This is not the first time the man has been produced for imprisonment in Oslo District Court. TV 2 has been given access to the man’s previous verdicts, which show that he has committed a number of offenses in the past.

Sentenced to deprivation of liberty

In 2004, he and three other men were convicted of deprivation of liberty of a 17-year-old girl. The verdict states that the 17-year-old woman was threatened with a knife and placed in the trunk of a car, when she had to pay for a dog she had bought.

LARGE INVESTIGATION: Forensic scientists worked for several hours at the scene. Photo: Bjørn Roger Brevik / TV 2

In the judgment from 2004, the court assumes that the aggrieved party and the accused did not know each other from before. The man who is now charged with murder drove the car with the girl in the trunk.

Somewhere out in the woods, they are said to have stopped and threatened the girl that they would cut off her arm if she did not give them 15,000 kroner.

The man who is now charged with the murder of Grünerløkka received six months in prison for deprivation of liberty and extortion in the sentence from 2004. The three others who were also convicted in the case, received 180 hours of community service for the incident.

Probably a conflict

In connection with the murder of Grünerløkka in Oslo this week, the police believe that there is probably a conflict between the deceased and the accused man in his 30s who is behind it.

The police have not wanted to elaborate on what this conflict has been about.

The man in his 30s was arrested in his own home around 11 pm on Wednesday night. The prison meeting on Friday is treated as an office business, which means that the parties do not meet physically in court.

The accused man has so far not wanted to be questioned, but the police aim to give this more attempts, they have previously stated to TV 2.

The man’s defender, lawyer Jan Christian Kvanvik, has not yet responded to TV 2’s inquiries.

In addition to the verdict from 2004, the man has been convicted of several offenses. In 2010, he admitted to having stored 48 grams of hashish in the central remnant of the police station in Greenland in Oslo.

The last time the man was convicted was in 2017. Then he received 120 days in prison for hitting a man in the head with a baton at Brugata in central Oslo.

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