The accused of killing his ex-father-in-law with a sink spout will remain in prison until the trial

The Criminal Justice of La Plata issued preventive detention for Braian Gabriel Lorea, arrested and charged for the murder of Sergio Perego last Mother’s Day; and will remain behind bars, at least, until the case is heard in oral and public trial. The 28-year-old suspect served a 5-year sentence for the attempted femicide of his ex-partner, the victim’s daughter; and he was arrested at the end of last October in the El Mercadito neighborhood. With the evidence obtained in the investigation, the prosecutor Juan Cruz Condomí Alcorta requested the preventive detention of the aggressor who was identified by relatives of the murdered man, a claim that was endorsed by the Court of Guarantees 2 of La Plata in charge of the judge Eduardo Silva Pelossi.

“There was a fight, my brother is all cut with a knife, I went out to defend him, I threw iron everywhere and I just hit him.” With that alibi, Lorea tried to detach herself from the murder case that promises her a sentence of at least 8 years in prison and, perhaps, a declaration of recidivism, which would complicate her new access to an eventual early release.

Sergio Perego

On October 17, Perego was brutally beaten after trying to intercede in an attack that was directed at his daughter. “My father, seeing that he was approaching with the darkest intentions to hurt him again, tried to defend his daughter and grandchildren and was brutally attacked, receiving blows that caused a skull fracture and internal bleeding”explained another of his daughters through social networks, providing details about what happened in the house of 122 and 525.

Prosecutor Juan Cruz Condomí Alcorta – Photo: AGLP

After the attack, perpetrated by the person implicated and at least one accomplice, Perego was immediately transferred to the Rossi hospital, where he received the corresponding assistance and was hospitalized. “The sad thing is that he is not in therapy for an illness or anything like that. He is paying the consequences of a son of a bitch who got out of jail after serving a 5-year sentence because he tried to kill one of my sisters,” he said the woman on the day of the assault.

After spending a week in a reserved state and despite medical efforts, the man died as a result of injuries sustained on the 24th of that month.

The murderers, meanwhile, remained at large for several days, until finally the perpetrator of the crime was found in El Mercadito thanks to field tasks, witnesses and a search of his home. In that house they also found the spout of a sink that would have been used to injure his ex-father-in-law.

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