The alarm from Eurovision the hours before the final – unpleasant behavior behind the scenes

Nasty events shake up this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

After the commercial: Cornelia Jakobs joy collapse after winning the Melodifestivalen


On Thursday, the second semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest took place, where we got to see Cornelia Jakobs make an outstanding performance.

Tonight she represents Sweden in the big final, and it seems that she has good chances – we keep our fingers crossed!

But not everything has been happy during the days leading up to the final night. Now reports Daily Mail that a number of women have been subjected to sexual harassment during the opening ceremony.

Women exposed to sexual harassment at Eurovision

On Sunday, the competing delegations in Eurovision walked the turquoise carpet to meet the press and fans. But during the ceremony, several women workers and volunteers were pawed, among other things.

– I felt offended. I was there as a volunteer to help the delegations and they had their hands all over us, one of the vulnerable women tells the newspaper and continues:

– They would constantly hug and hold us, one put his hand on my waist and tried to kiss me. I managed to get out of there but then another tried to do the same.

Many of the women who experienced the same thing left work after the events.

Several testimonies in Turin

The Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera has also received testimonies from harassed women.

– I was with another girl and a group with some foreign dancers started staring at us and then they started approaching us. They danced very close to us and then they touched us everywhere, one of them explains.

She continues:

– These dancers had drunk too much and started touching us, one touched my ass all the time. But we did not sound the alarm because we did not want to create any problems.

Strikes back against the accusations

Alessandra Aires, who is the city council in Turin, where the competition takes place this year, believes, however, that these are false accusations.

– If I had noticed that something like this happened, I would have stepped in and stopped the event. I can assure you that I was at the party all the time and that this did not happen, she tells the Daily Mail.

– Maybe there was a single comment that raised eyebrows, but it all depends on the enthusiasm at the party and it’s sad that someone wants to throw shit at this wonderful event.

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