The albos greeted Miguel Pinto on his visit to Santa Laura

Colo Colo had to look for them on his visit to the Santa Laura Stadium to stay with the victory against Unión Española, winning by a short 1-0 in a duel where he had many scoring chances on this 16 date of the 2021 National Championship.

One who experienced a special match during the Cacique’s visit to the Independence venue was Miguel Pinto, a goalkeeper who currently defends the colors of Unión Española after being in Colo Colo during the 2020 season.

The former goalkeeper white handed out several hugs with his former teammates in the previous meeting, where he highlighted the mutual affection with Iván Morales and Gabriel Suazo, current captain of the Cacique.

Pinto played only six games in the 2020 season with the Cacique shirt, since Most of his stay in Colo Colo was fulfilled by being the substitute for Brayan Cortés.

Popular’s next game will be this Wednesday, August 18, in the first leg of the semifinals of the Chile Cup, precisely against the same Spanish Union, in what will be the first game with an audience in the Macul venue after more than a year.

Miguel Pinto with his former colleagues from Colo Colo. | Photo: Guillermo Salazar.

Most likely the goalkeeper says present in the starting team of the Hispanics, since he has been playing under the three suits in the Chile Cup matches.

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