The all-intelligent multi-scenario electric car Leaprun C01 is finally on the market

, Leapmotor C01 made its debut and officially launched the pre-sale. Focusing on the mid-to-high-end sedan market to meet the needs of users in multiple scenarios, C01 has released a total of 500 standard battery life version, 606 long battery life version, 717 ultra long battery life version, 630 Pro performance version, 630 Pro + high performance version 5 configuration versions, pre-sale The price range is 180,000-270,000.

Zhu Jiangming, founder of Leap Motor, said at the press conference that “C01 is a luxury electric car built for the Chinese people”. Leapmotor C01 is positioned as a fully intelligent multi-scenario electric car. Relying on the advantages of self-developed technology in the whole field, it builds the underlying strength with the core highlights of “1357” – equipped with the world’s first battery-free CTC technology, with a zero-to-hundred acceleration performance of 3.66 seconds, 5050*1902 *1509mm medium and large car size, the CLTC comprehensive operating conditions range up to 717 kilometers.

Adhering to the global self-research route, Leapmotor has independently developed all key software and hardware in the core system and electronic components of intelligent electric vehicles, and built a complete intelligent electric vehicle around intelligent power, intelligent cockpit, and intelligent driving. Leapmotor C01 is the latest achievement of Leapmotor’s global self-research, and its fully intelligent product concept is vividly reflected.

Leapmotor C01 is equipped with Leapmotor Power intelligent power, including two systems of intelligent battery and intelligent electric drive. The world’s first battery-free CTC technology, compared with the traditional solution, the number of parts is reduced by 20%, the weight of the vehicle is reduced by 15kg, the battery layout space is increased by 14.5%, the power is as high as 90kWh, and the comprehensive operating conditions are increased by 10%. In addition, Leapmotor C01 has the industry’s first AI BMS big data intelligent battery management system, which can provide real-time security protection at the cell level and realize the safety and control of the power battery throughout its life cycle.

The battery technology industry is the first, and the electric drive technology also breaks the rules. Leapmotor C01 is equipped with the industry’s first variable-architecture oil-cooled electric drive, with a maximum speed of 16,000rpm, a comprehensive efficiency of 88.5%, a weight of 85kg, a power of 200kW, a peak torque of 300N m-500N m, and an industry-leading design life of over 1 million kilometers. efficiency, power density, quietness and reliability. The four-wheel drive version is equipped with two oil-cooled electric drives, with a maximum output of 400kW and a maximum torque of 720N m. The 630 Pro+ four-wheel-drive high-performance version can accelerate from 100 kilometers to 3.66 seconds, leading its class and comparable to a supercar.

——Standard 28 high-precision perception hardware, 23 intelligent driving assistance functions, and can be subscribed to the NAP intelligent pilot assistance system. Covering all scenarios such as daily urban driving, high-speed long-distance self-driving, parking in and out of parking lots, traffic light intersections, and traffic congestion, it provides full-time and all-round driving assistance for users to travel. AR real-scene navigation realizes the integration of actual road conditions and navigation information on the central control screen, and the navigation experience is greatly improved. The APA intelligent parking system can realize one-button automatic parking in the car, parking by the door handle outside the car, and remote automatic parking/parking outside the car, adapting to a variety of parking scenarios. The NAP intelligent navigation assistance system that matches the high-precision map can realize functions such as autonomous entry and exit ramps, optimal lane planning, autonomous overtaking, and automatic speed limit adjustment according to navigation.

In terms of smart cockpit, Leapmotor C01 uses a number of original technologies to create a “three-bedroom mode” AI super smart cockpit. Leapmotor C01 is equipped with the third-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon in-vehicle SA 8155P digital cockpit chip, and realizes an 8155 chip, three-screen linkage, to meet the multi-modal needs of driving and entertainment, and bring an immersive visual experience. iFLYTEK’s 3.5-generation voice recognition system can realize telephone communication, driving navigation, multimedia control, cockpit function control, and also interact with the car’s question and answer. The industry-first Face ID face recognition startup technology has evolved again on the C01, which can automatically associate 25 settings to match user habits. Leaprun C01 is also equipped with an Android virtual machine for the first time in the industry, and the compatibility rate of popular applications exceeds 99%. In addition, there are more than 40 functions, such as click-to-use quick apps & Zebra applet without downloading, which greatly enrich the cockpit ecology of Leapmotor C01.

In terms of mobile phone interconnection, Leapmotor C01 is also the first to be equipped with OPPO smart car connection, which can be used for multi-screen interconnection applications. Users can not only quickly view the current status of the vehicle on the negative screen of the mobile phone system desktop, but also remotely control the car with the help of the voice assistant. They can also use the OPPO Watch smart watch with a raised wrist to quickly use the one-key car search, turn on and off the air conditioner and other remote car control functions. Apple users can also realize intelligent car control through iWatch, wake up C01 through Siri voice, and perform functions such as unlocking, locking, one-key car search, automatic driving in and out, etc.

Abandoning redundant and complex line design, C01 uses an elegant and powerful profile to reduce the visual load, and the use of space-time capsule symbols makes the overall style natural and unified. The fully enclosed front face and the through-type headlight design show the trend of technology. The digital crystal headlights have the dynamic effects of flowing water and breathing, and support a variety of lamp language modes; the rear luminous Logo embedded through-type taillights are technological and sophisticated. The fast-backed body, frameless doors, hidden door handles, and high-warping ducktail design at the rear not only make the vehicle dynamic, but also achieve a class-leading ultra-low wind resistance.

In terms of the interior cockpit experience, the C01 makes a full complement. The length, width and height of C01 are 5050*1902*1509mm, and the wheelbase is 2930mm, creating a spacious and comfortable space like a living room for users. In particular, the 319mm large rear legroom and the 496L largest trunk space in the same class make travel easy and worry-free.

In terms of interior layout, the C01 adopts a dual-living room design that “fits together without disturbance”, with the center console as the core of the cockpit, and a wide-angle integrated design with the doors on both sides to broaden the visual experience. The T-shaped triple screen design is coherent and unified, and also allows the visual sense to naturally extend to both sides. In addition, the large-area silver-plated panoramic canopy also makes the cockpit more open and bright.

The immersive and luxurious double living room of Leapmotor C01 is not only spacious, but also uses the most high-end materials at the same level. Full leather-wrapped door panels, NAPPA leather steering wheel, high-end suede headliner, and optional NAPPA leather seats are all luxurious. In addition, Leapmotor C01 is also equipped with the only electric boss seat in the rear row at the same level, which can control the front and rear movement and angle adjustment of the seat with one button, and maintain linkage with the front seat. The seat is automatically moved forward by 10cm, and the backrest is automatically tilted backward by 10 degrees. With the leading rear legroom in its class, it brings respect and enjoyment to the boss.

Leapmotor C01 has an immersive music cockpit comparable to a luxury car, and the entertainment experience is the best in its class. 12-speaker Hi-Fi-level surround sound, tuned by the French Arjamis professional tuning team, 3D sound effects, seven sound fields, bringing you a concert hall-like enjoyment. The Leishi on-board KTV system, combined with the exclusive custom microphone, turns the cockpit into a karaoke room in seconds. It is worth mentioning that the sound system of Leaprun C01 also supports OTA upgrade, which is often new.

In terms of control fun, Leapmotor C01’s rear-drive architecture, front double wishbones, rear five-link luxury car suspension, high-performance version is equipped with 20-inch wheels, and the high-rigidity and lightweight body brought by CTC makes the whole vehicle handling and comfortable. The driving quality is comparable to a million-dollar luxury car.

In terms of safety, the standard 23 intelligent driving assistance functions, combined with the Continental MK100®ESC High Plus body stability control system, make the Leapmotor C01 a class-leading active safety, which can avoid dangerous situations to the greatest extent. In terms of passive safety, Leapmotor C01 adopts a high-strength cage body, with high-strength steel accounting for up to 73.9%. It matches the high-safety body anti-collision beam design and 6 SRS airbags/air curtains to build all-round safety protection.

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