The alleged femicide was released due to “lack of evidence”

The Truth News reports that an alleged femicide was released this in the state of Oaxaca. The person involved is identified as Edwin J. who was imprisoned for seven years and seven months for being considered the alleged femicide of Vanessa Iris17 years old.

The young woman received a dozen stab wounds in different parts of her body during an alleged assault in the capital of Oaxaca, but because there was a lack of incriminating evidence, Edwin J. was acquitted.

For his part, Cornelio Mejía, father of the victimafter he learned that the alleged femicide was released He demanded justice and showed his disagreement with the resolution of the magistrates members of the First Criminal Chamber and specialized in Collegiate Adolescents.

“The release of the subject came a few days after the eighth anniversary of the crime that took the life of Vanessa, my only daughter. The family – by chance – we found out after several weeks that she received the freedom ticket, as indirect victims they did not consider us ”, Cornelio Mejía.

Alleged femicide was released

The alleged femicide was released due to

Due to lack of evidence, the alleged femicide was released.

José Luis Ríos Cruz, Abraham Isaac Soriano Reyes and Verónica Morales Díaz, magistrates and judge, respectively, members of the Chamber, modified the conviction of 30 years in prison and they canceled the damage repair payment of 151 thousand 134 pesosconsidering that Edwin J., was not responsible for the homicide of the high school student.

Vanessa’s father said: “They ordered the release of the defendant, concluding that there is no evidence with the fullness required for the issuance of a conviction, they did not warn that he has the conduct of a femicide. According to his criteria, the Public Ministry did not comply with the legal requirements to give full validity to the inquiries.

“We are surprised by the determination of the magistrates, so now we start from scratch”, Cornelio.

In the midst of sadness and frustration, because the alleged femicide was released, the victim’s father said: “My daughter was murdered in an alleged assault. The subject stabbed him several times in different parts of the body, which immediately caused his death; apparently she knew her assailant.”

Now the family is afraid that the recently acquitted man will decide to take revenge for the years he was imprisoned, apparently without evidence.

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How was the femicide of Vanessa Iris?

The alleged femicide was released due to

Almost eight years ago Vanessa Iris was stabbed to death, but her alleged femicide was released.

Vanessa Iris, known as Vane, was a fifth-semester student at the 126 Industrial and Services Technological Baccalaureate Center (CBTis), at the time of her murder, she was 17 years old and was at the door of her boyfriend’s house, at the agency Cinco Señores, in the vicinity of the historic center.

The events occurred on Thursday, November 26, 2014, before 1:00 p.m., at which time the girl was waiting for them to open while she began to manipulate her cell phone.

It was said that Edwin J. suddenly accosted her, but he had a knife tucked under the right-hand sleeve of his sweatshirt, and told her, “give me your phone and everything you bring,” while touching her lewdly.

The teenager opposed the jump, waved her hands, scratched him on the neck and face, at the same time that he began to shout, the name of the subject, for which Edwin J., allegedly stabbed him several times in different parts of the body, which immediately caused his death. Almost eight years later, his alleged femicide was released.

In criminal file 43/2015, it says that the autopsy revealed injuries to the upper part of the neck, thorax on the left side that injured the left ventricle of the heart that caused intense internal bleeding, as well as other injuries to the ribs, left arm and forearm and wounds between the fingers of the left hand.

while he was in prison, the detainee’s lawyer appealed several times under the protection of federal justice, although in no case did it prosper; However, once sentenced, the State Superior Court of Justice exempted him and now the alleged femicide was released.

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