The alleged forger of Populated Centers, was sent to prison

Jorge Enrique Lopez Benavidez was prosecuted for allegedly falsifying three policies in the name of the Itaú bank so that the Centros Poblados consortium achieved the fraud of $70 billion pesos.

According to the Prosecutor’s investigation, there are records of a history of fraud and the crimes reported in the Centros Poblados case are subject to reproach.

The accusing entity says that the man was aware that with this document the public servants of MinTic were misledresponsible for evaluating the legal component of the proposal given by the consortium, in order to win the tender and, with which, the man would receive financial compensation.

“The evidence material indicates that this person allegedly intervened illegally at two different times. Initially, would have used stationery from a bank to prepare a document called guarantee of seriousness of the offerwhich was an essential requirement for Centros Poblados to be able to participate in the public tender…”, pointed out the Prosecutor’s Office.

After the Prosecutor’s Office charged him with the crimes of ideological falsehood in a private document and procedural fraud and presented the evidence against him, the judge considered him a danger to society and sent him to prison.

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