The almost impossible results that serve Colo Colo Sub 21 to qualify for the playoffs

The team led by Eduardo Rubio no longer depends on himself to be able to advance to the play-offs of the National Youth Soccer Championship.

© United CuricoColo Colo and the results that serve to qualify for the play-offs

The Colo Colo Projection category, which would be the Sub 21 for the ANFP, is not going through a good moment in the National Championship. Eduardo Rubio’s team is nothing to be eliminated and run out of play-offs.

Unfortunately, for the aspirations of the club, this is the only category that is on the verge of being eliminated, since the Sub 17, Sub 16 and Sub 15 are within the next phase in youth football.

But let’s go back to the Colo Colo Projection category, who need a real feat to reach eighth place and thus get a place in the championship play-offs.

Let’s start with the “simple”, and that has to do with the fact that the Cacique must win the two remaining games: one pending against Cobresal and the last date against Universidad de Chile. If he does, he adds 22 points, which today is the cutoff to enter the playoffs.

Here comes the complicated part, since at the moment, and with one game remaining, there are three institutions that have 22 units: Santiago Wanderers (+4 DG), Everton de Viña del Mar (-3 DG) and Unión Española (+16 DG).

Let’s do the simulation

Precisely at least one of these three has to give up points on the last date: the Caturros face Deportes Temuco, which has 11 units, Unión Española faces Deportes La Serena, which has 19 units, and Everton faces Huachipato, which has 21 units.

Now we start to rule out games on goal difference. Colo Colo right now, with two games to go, has a goal difference of +9; therefore, if he wins both games, this number will increase.

Currently, the only club that complicates with goal difference is Unión Española, which has +16, so we leave it out. The match between Everton vs. Huachipato does not give the same result, since no matter what happens one will enter the classification zone, consequently the only duel that really matters to Colo Colo is that of Santiago Wanderers vs. Deportes Temuco, in which the The ideal result is the defeat of the Caturro team.

Finally, this simulation was done assuming that Colo Colo will win his two remaining matches. If that doesn’t happen, everything you just read is useless.

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