The announcement of Marley and Mirko that nobody expected

These days, there are many news about his life that he revealed Marley. On the one hand, He has already announced that he will travel with Mirko to Qatar to enjoy the World Cup and will not be able to attend the renowned wedding of his dear friend, Flor Peña.

But now the host of “La Voz Argentina” added a new piece of information. Marley and Mirko decided to make the firm decision to move and revealed it through the video in which, together with his son, he walks the land where he will build his new house.

Now that Mirko is older, Marley has made an important decision.

as revealed Marley in the pictures, This new house means a big change in his life because, as he tells his little son, the house where they currently live is a property that he had since before his son was born.

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