The apartment of the news morning profile – that’s how much it’s valued at!

It pays to be a presenter!

Thomas Ritter, 45, left Nyheterna to become presenter of Nyhetsmorgon. Together with the pair horse Rania Shemoun Olsson, 47, he leads the television viewers with a familiar hand.

He has worked at TV4 for 22 years and knows what it takes to make a professional impression on TV. For Thomas, it was a matter of course to accept, even if it meant leaving his dear colleagues at Nyheterna.

It was also at TV4 that he met his wife, Paula Ciavarella, 40. Today, they have been married for 11 years and have daughters Claudia, 11 and Isabel, 8.

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– She also works at TV4. We met at TV4 Stockholm once upon a time. I don’t know if it was some kind of royal clique, but we worked together. She was a reporter then, or an editor, and I was a presenter. So we worked together and liked each other, Thomas Ritter told Hänt.

That’s how much the apartment is worth

Although the couple have different working hours, Paula works with the 19- and 22-News, it actually works quite well, according to Thomas.

– It works better than you think. People always wonder how the hell we get it together, but it works well. As we work inconvenient hours, we are free from time to time during the week. It is also very good with the children, there is always someone who can leave and always someone who can pick up. There is almost always someone home when they get home.

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When they do have time to unwind together, they can do it with class. They live in a luxurious apartment in central Stockholm. And the apartment is valued at SEK 14,100,000, according to the site

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