The ARA San Juan complaint denounced that Judge Ercolini works for Mauricio Macri

According to the information available in the complaint, Judge Julián Ercolini received and granted a new request from the defendant Mauricio Macri on a Saturday night, while continuing to ignore the demands of the complaint, so they will report the magistrate to the council.

In the early hours of that Monday, Dr. Valeria Carreras issued a statement in this regard.

We are not silent anymore, Judge Ercolini works for Mauricio Macri. We knew it but now it has been proven. On Saturday 06-18-2022 from 8:15 p.m. to 9:20 p.m., the Federal judge agreed to a new request from the defendant for illegal espionage to victims Macri. Not only does he get everything he asks for, but he gets it in record time, even on Saturday at night!

But it is not the worst, rather the differences with this humble lawsuit are abysmal and in the Judge of Comodoro Py he points it out almost as a way to stop our actions

Thus, before the requests of this complaint, it does not answer them, not even a refusal, it makes the proposals invisible with indifference, with the aim of tiring the victims of illegal espionage, with a very perverse message of denial and mistreatment.

For this and for the very serious irregularities in this case, we will file a complaint with the judiciary council against Judge Ercolini for poor performance, for granting privileges to the inmate, for partial, for administering justice only in favor of the accused Macri “

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