The Arab Cup Trophy

Proudly honoring the elements that unite the Arab world, the design of the FIFA Arab Cup Trophy is bold yet exquisitely crafted. Culture and traditions have always been shared characteristics throughout the region, expressed through music, art, and storytelling.

The trophy has embossed Arabic letters of the word “My land”. It also has the map of the Arab world. Solid gold base representing Arab unity. Gentle ripples representing the trade routes paved by Arab ancestors. Calligraphy of the name of the tournament in Arabic and holding a soccer ball.

While these values ​​are the heart of the Arab world, the language is its soul. From the Gulf to the Pacific, the dialects are many, but the lyrics remain the same: a language that speaks of generosity, honor and solidarity.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing passed down from generation to generation is the desire to share and exchange with others. This is where Arab ancestors excelled, trading by land and sea to create the region we know today.
It will all be celebrated in Qatar when the Arabs come together to show their passion for this beautiful sport, in the first ever FIFA Arab Cup.

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