The Argentine freemasons launched their own craft beer on the market

The Grand Lodge of Argentina of Free and Accepted Masons, founded on December 11, 1857, decided to manufacture and market what constitutes its own craft beer. The “Masonic Beer” was held between the Psicotella Brewery and the Almacén de Cervezas and in the lodge they assure that it is a “process of opening and growth of Argentine Freemasonry”.

The brand new beer has three styles: “Lapis Reprobatus”, a Robust Porter with 5% alcohol and 20 IBU, medium-bodied, complex and intense with notes of chocolate and coffee and a deep black color; the “V.:I.:T.:R.:I:O.:L.:V.:M.:”, a Scotish with 4.5% alcohol and only 8 IBU, of Scottish origin, low bitterness and with slight notes of bread and caramel; and the “Lapis Exillis”a Golden Ale with 4.5% alcohol content and 10 IBU, with a light and fresh body, with slight notes of bread and malt.

the specialized site birristic He specified that the objective is “to offer a quality artisan product, which reaches practically the entire national territory in order to bring the works and tools that the Order has to those who are willing and have access to the works and tools that the Order has. with the necessary aptitude to travel the Masonic path”.

The beers come in a case with three 473 ml cans and the sale is for charity purposes: Part of the proceeds will go to Hogar Bernardino Rivadavia, a philanthropic institution with Masonic affiliation, which has been working continuously for more than a hundred years.. In their designs, each can recovers the Masonic symbols (the compass, the square, the skull) to honor the Argentine presidents who integrated Freemasonry, especially General José de San Martín.

The illustration of each label was carried out by the artist from Santa Fe Mark Bayugar and represents the man working the stone with the passing of time. In the Federal Capital, the beer can be found at the Freemasonry headquarters, at Presidente Perón 4212. And from there they also make shipments throughout the country, details of which can be found at the Entrepreneurship Instagram page.

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