The Argentine Selection of Silent Basketball was in Reconquest

The Argentine Silent Basketball Team “Los Topos”, whose ranks include the reconquest Marcos Raffin, appeared at Casa del Bicentenario on the morning of Wednesday 24, where the 41st edition of the National Basketball Championship for the Deaf was announced.

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This important event, which for the first time will take place in our region, is achieved thanks to the management and joint work with the Civil Association “Las Manos Hablan”. It will have the presence of teams from all over the country, with the honor of seeing “Los Topos” play, currently in the 5th position in the world ranking. The opening of the contest will take place next Friday, November 26, at 6:00 p.m., at the Club Atlético Adelante.

Pride for Reconquest

The Secretary General of the Reconquista Municipality, Lic. Guillermo Romero Mansur, conveyed the greetings of the Mayor Dr. Amadeo Enrique Vallejos. He thanked those present “for choosing our city again to offer their life experience, they are a beacon where thousands of young people look at each other.” He highlighted “the Las Manos Hablan Civil Association, which for some years has been in Reconquista a sustained work of inclusion, awareness and education.” Along the same lines, he highlighted the figure of “our representative Marcos Raffin, who beyond being an excellent athlete is an excellent person. He has shown it with his ability to transmit that desire to live and set an example, so Reconquista is proud that he represents us in the National Team and the whole world ”.

“Gladis Romero and Marcos Raffin carried out a very important process for Los Topos to be in Reconquista for the second time,” said the Under Secretary of Sports Prof. Ives Saucedo, “a great team that represents us and is among the 5 best in the world “, Thanking” the entire delegation for choosing our city again, which received them with open arms and a great welcome caravan. “

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Marcos Raffin, captain of the team, thanked “all the people who are working with us, Association, Municipality and Province” and mentioned that “we are going to continue growing and fighting, the Argentine shirt is worth a lot and we want to represent it in the best way for all Argentines and for my beloved city, which has always treated me in the best way, I feel like a beloved son of Reconquista, all my achievements are part of the people who are accompanying me ”.

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