The Army imposed 30 days of arrest on four non-commissioned officers

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 | 9:45 a.m.

Yesterday, a senior non-commissioned officer and three subordinate non-commissioned officers of the Argentine Army were sanctioned for serious injuries, which amounted to around 30 days of arrest, for the episode that occurred at a celebration of the 30th Apostles Infantry Regiment on July 8, reason for which Corporal Michael Nathanahel Verón (25) continues to recover.

After completing the investigation stage, the authorities of the federal force began the imposition of sanctions last Wednesday 7, actions applied “to those who were present but did not participate in the organization or were involved in acts contrary to military regulations” , as the commander of the Mount XII Brigade, Colonel Sergio Jurczyszyn, had told El Territorio, referring to the light sanctions.

As far as serious offenses are concerned, a first sergeant, a sergeant and two first corporals were cited yesterday and received sanctions of around 30 days of arrest.

“Of the four, one accepted directly. The other three presented a defense, which is why I am quoting them for tomorrow (today) at 3:00 p.m. I will hear them in court and the final sanctions will be imposed right there, ”said Jurczyszyn.

The fact, recorded on July 8, has around 20 involved with different responsibilities so, finally, on Monday the 26th the Disciplinary Council will meet, before which seven “alleged offenders of very serious offenses” will appear, which may end with the loss of the soldiers.

In that supposed celebration of the military regiment, Corporal Verón suffered a fracture in one of his vertebrae in addition to having arrived at the hospital in a state of hypothermia.

Currently, he is in the city of Buenos Aires in a neuromotor rehabilitation center where he receives more complex care, accompanied by his mother and his wife.

“I hope God wants justice to be done so that these kinds of people will not be in the Army again because they will continue to hurt other boys and I hope that something like this bestiality never happens again because the only one who is having a bad time is my son and the family. Every day is a struggle, it is a nightmare to see my son in that state. Only those who are living it can tell about it, ”the corporal’s mother, Mónica Rosalino, told this morning.

For its part, as this medium has been following, the Federal Justice, in charge of the investigation into the abuse given by a superior to a subordinate, culminated with the testimonials of four other Verón colleagues.

A source from the Federal Justice told El Territorio that, according to the corporals’ testimonies, some of the participants were more active than others; anyway there were others who were also there, with different hierarchies. “That we have to see, what is the degree of responsibility of these subjects who did not use their authority to stop this issue.”

Finally, he stated that they will soon be in a position to move forward with the request for the investigative statement of those involved and then continue with the corresponding accusations.

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