The arrival of Fall Guys free and on Xbox + Switch heats up the servers

This is certainly one of the biggest news of the day, Fall Guys has been available for a few hours for free and for the first time on Xbox and Nintendo Switch. And although the game was released two years ago, this arrival was highly anticipated, and caused some connection problems.

Connection problems because there are a lot of people on Fall Guys

During the first hours of availability of Season 1 of Fall Guys, many people experienced problems connecting to games. To support the heavy load generated by this new influx of players, the developers have been forced to temporarily close access to private games.

The official account of the game admitted in the day of instabilities and not everyone could necessarily launch games correctly, matchmaking being disrupted.

A few hours after this launch, Mediatonic admits that the situation is not yet completely restored. “The servers are starting to improve, but there can still be issues as you all try to play all at once”specifies the official account of the game.

Connection and game participation issues are therefore not yet completely resolved, but rest assured, the developers are well on the way and things should return to normal in the next few days in the worst case, even in the worst cases. next few hours.

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