The Artemis I capsule has already reached the Moon

A little less than a week after the launch of Artemis I, the NASA ship managed to reach the Moon, where it began to place satellites with the aim of conducting research in deep space. According to the scientists in charge of these tests, the operation is a greater success than they expected, but there is still a long time to finish the experiment. The capsule will be 6 days in orbit before returning to Earth.

The ship reached the orbit of the Moon.

According to Laura Forczyk, a space analyst, “it’s amazing that the entire launch went off without a hitch. There were some details, but at least it did not explode,” remarked the scientist. The takeoff of Artemis I It had been marked by various problems that saw its exit frustrated on several occasions, including one at the beginning of the year due to hydrogen leaks, other technicians and even the passage of a hurricane through Cape Canaveral.

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