The Attorney General’s Office asks the ANI for answers about the Canal del Dique project

Radius Snail He first got to know two documents with which the attorney asks for answers National Infrastructure Agencyfor the project of Dam Channel Y this entity refused to respond.

The documents are addressed to Manuel Felipe Gutierrezpresident of the National Infrastructure Agency. The first one is dated July 28 and in it answers are requested for the project of restoration of degraded ecosystems of the Canal del Dique in the departments of Sucre, Atlantic and Bolivar.

For the attorney it is vital the complete socialization of the project with the communitiessomething that the ANI has denied and also knowing the environmental effects Y possible impacts. It is evident that the fact of not correctly analyzing the allocation, estimation and mitigation of social and environmental risk could generate Adverse effects for the achievement of the objectives of the public bidding and contractsince there may be delays in the execution schedule and even the paralysis of the project of the Dam Channel.

The ANI has not sent the requirements of the Public Ministryso that in another document sent they cite urgently for the next August 12 to the president of the ANI, Manuel Felipe Gutierrezwith the officials that he considers and with the evaluation committee CONFIRMS SAS to explain why does not publish the observations of the Attorney General and responses from the reality of the project and its public bidding process.

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