The authors of Fallen Order wanted to make a black woman the protagonist

Former lighting artist from Respawn Nora Shramek toldthat the developers originally planned another protagonist for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

According to the girl, many members of the team wanted to make the main character a black woman or a woman in general, but they were refused. The reasons were given for the fact that there were already two dark-skinned ladies in the game, and in the trilogy of sequel films, the place of the protagonist was also taken by a girl – Ray (Daisy Ridley).

Shramek advised her to guess what those who made such decisions looked like – probably hinting that they were white men. She added that during one of the meetings, someone said that characters with dark skin color should look more “shiny” because in reality it is “fatter than other people.”

Statement that allegedly shocked everyone, according to Nora only confirms stereotypes about the gaming industry, where systematic racism, homophobia and misogyny prevail.

Shramek later added that she had no complaints about the lead actor himself. Cameron Monaghanwho played Cal Kestis:

Don’t get me wrong, I like Cameron as an actor, but when we were told who exactly was playing the lead role, my reaction was: “Wow, this is the whitest of all the white men that you could choose from.”

Nora Shramek

Meanwhile, the announcement of the sequel to Fallen Order itself is expected as part of the upcoming Star Wars Celebration, which will be held from May 26 to 29. At the same time, the game will allegedly receive a different subtitle and will not be released on PS4 and Xbox One.

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