The autonomous Tesla are loose: FSD beta in USA now for everyone who pays

Slowly but surely, Tesla’s Full Self-Driving software is approaching higher and higher price points, but it’s far from finished. Elon Musk has now announced the next important change: In the US, anyone who pays can now get the beta.

So far, access to the so-called FSD driver assistance was only granted to selected users in the beta phase. That also had its reasons. They only wanted particularly “reliable” drivers who would be on the road responsibly in the test phase with a self-driving car.

Now something seems to have changed fundamentally – but malicious gossips claim that Musk just wants to cash in, the FSD beta is not yet ready for widespread use. However, the release of every payment also shows that Tesla is pretty sure that the software is ready for use – anything else would also be a financial debacle.

Elon Musk tweeted: “Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta is now available to anyone in North America who requests it on the car’s screen, provided you have purchased that option.”

Tesla had gradually expanded access to the beta over the past few years. FSD is an extension of Tesla’s so-called “Autopilot” driver assistance function and adds automated functions such as automatic steering in cities, automatic parking, traffic light/stop sign recognition. The feature is a paid upgrade that now costs $15,000. As recently as September, the price had increased by $3,000 from $12,000, but that’s not the end of the story, according to Musk. He had already stated that he thought the software was worth a lot more.

Long delay

Tesla once announced that it would introduce full self-driving capabilities in 2018. It was only last year that the first “experienced and careful drivers” were allowed to test in the USA and later in Canada. The beta is not available in Germany. In Germany, however, you can already pay for later access, which is currently a bargain at 7,500 euros.

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