The background of Javier Castrilli arbitrating Colo Colo

Javier Castrilli was introduced as the new president of the ANFP referee commission. Upon his arrival, he announced an open-door management and announced that everyone will have the possibility to know under what standards the whistlers are going to act.

“Communication is essential. We need to disseminate and teach the rules. We need the media to be part of a credible and reliable arbitration. Because when a referee sanctions, many times they will be called to listen to the talks, know what we are talking about. The rules of the game is a universal language. We are talking about high competition. My time in an international federation, also at the continental level, leads me to the conclusion that it is necessary for all of us to speak the same language and that, before the tournaments, a call is made to know the guidelines, so that no one feels confused. We will be an open door management, “he said.

“If we see as a constant that in the face of a corner kick the players live embraced, it is the responsibility of the referees. We are naturalizing it and we are incorporating it through the media discourse that is natrual and is part of football. What is worse, we do not know what It is a penalty and you know why, because we find many times that how the two hold each other does not have to be penalized. This type of customs must be worked on, “said the new leader of the judges.

But when talking about the Iron Judge, it is impossible not to remember what he did in his career: drastic, with little dialogue and did not hesitate when it came to admonishing players. History that Colo Colo players knew.

The Argentine directed in the nineties important meetings of the Cacique in the Super Cup and the Copa Libertadores. In 1995 he was in charge of directing the match against Cruzeiro for the round of 16 of the tournament played by the American champions. In that game the albos fell 1-0 and the Brazilians learned of two expelled: Carlos Alberto and Nonato.

Years later, for the Copa Libertadores, he was the central judge of the duel between Olimpia and Colo Colo that ended 1-1 at the Defensores del Chaco. Encounter in which three Colo Colo players were booked: Willson Contreras, Marcos Villaseca and Fernando Vergara.

Javier Castrilli is already in Chile and will begin to exercise his new functions as president of the arbitration committee.

The Iron Judge in his presentation.

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