The Balenciaga brand released a line of broken sneakers and the memes exploded

The Spanish firm Balenciaga achieved its goal, since its latest campaign “Paris Sneaker”, a line of sneakers with an old and worn effect, is a trend on social networks that has been flooded with memes.

The creative director of the firm, Demna Gvasaliapresented the new shoe models from his Instagram account and there we can see four types of shoes where the common factor is worn, dirty effect and some breakages.

In the post, Gvasalia explained the concept behind the eye-catching product. “Extremely distressed pairs, proving that the Paris Sneaker is ‘meant to be worn for a lifetime,’ as explained in a press release, will be limited to 100 pairs in black and white,” he announced.

According to the brand, it’s “a reimagined classic design that interprets mid-century athletics and timeless casual wear.” The shoes are already available to buy online and range between $400 and $625 depending on the chosen model and will be released in stores around the world in the coming weeks.

Now, the shoes that went viral are not the model that will be for sale, but rather the two available models are a more moderate version of the ones that were first uploaded for the campaign.

From Twitter, the fashion journalist, Lessie sheds light on the matter and reports: “Balenciaga launched its new Paris sneakers that *obviously* became viral due to their extreme wear. These photos are part of the campaign that wants to communicate that ” the shoes are for life “But the shoe they sell is NOT the one in the viral photos.”

And he adds: “They come in two versions more and less broken and those unusable from the campaign are a version of 100 pairs for collectors. Balenciaga is known for the constant trolling with his clothes that often hides a stronger message behind”.

Then he makes an analysis of fashion and the romanticization of poverty and comments: “Here then we can bring to the table the debate about the glorification of poverty and others but the truth is that one of the theories of fashion, the trickle up theory, indicates that many of the tendencies are born first in the lower classes and then rise to the upper ones”.

And he continued: “It happened in the 18th century with Marie Antoinette and her chemise à la reine that took elements from peasant women, with the jean that we all wear that began as a garment for workers in the mines, the trench coat of the soldiers of the first war and the list goes on”.

And to close the question: “Here Balenciaga got what they wanted with their incredible marketing department, which is to TALK ABOUT THEM. Are they a glorification of poverty? Is Demna making fun of people who literally buy anything just because it’s from brand as usual? What do you think”.

Beyond the analysis, the networks knew how to do their thing and left their creative memes here we leave you the best ones that we found. Look!

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