The Baneheia case: Will not look at Diana information

On 13 May, the Bureau of Police Affairs released a press release in which they wrote that they had found no basis for investigating the police in connection with the Baneheia case.

The statement came shortly after TV 2 had written about several cases that the police and state prosecutors in Agder never told the Re-enrollment Commission that Andersen was reported in 2009 for a rape that allegedly took place in the 90s.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Jan Helge Andersen (41) is formally charged with the murder of Lena Sløgedal Paulsen, the girl he was acquitted of helping to kill in 2000. Photo: Police

The rape case was dismissed because the police believed that Andersen must be under the criminal minimum age.

The woman nevertheless received victim compensation because the tribunal was convinced that she was telling the truth.

Instead of telling about the case to those who were supposed to assess whether Viggo Kristiansen’s (43) case should be reopened, the state attorney stated that there was no information that Andersen had abused either children or adults.

Got new information

Halvor Hjelm-Hansen is head of investigations in the Bureau.

He says that in the early summer they received information which made them nevertheless decide to investigate whether someone in the Agder police district had committed misconduct.

– It is based on information we have received, but also on things that have appeared in the media, says Hjelm-Hansen.

He emphasizes that the investigation has come about on the Bureau’s own initiative and not on the basis of a report.

Hjelm-Hansen estimates that the case will be fully investigated in September.

Questioned the woman

He says that they have obtained the documents belonging to the rape report from 2009.

According to what TV 2 is aware of, this involves, among other things, the actual report from the offended woman, as well as a witness interview with Andersen, who denies having assaulted her.

TV 2 knows that the dropped rape case has been given a lot of space in the Oslo police district’s new Baneheia investigation in the wake of Kristiansen having his case reopened.

TV 2 is aware that the police have asked several witnesses questions related to various times that may shed light on the case.

Linked to Diana death

According to TV 2’s information, a key witness has explained that the alleged incident happened on the same weekend that Princess Diana died in a car accident.

The person also links the allegation to a birthday celebration and other event, as well as other matters which, according to the witness, took place during this period.

When Diana died, Andersen was 16 years old, which means he was above the criminal minimum age.

Hjelm-Hansen tells TV 2 that they will not focus on the actual investigation of the rape case, but rather investigate what happened in the time afterwards and why the information did not reach those who should have received it.

– Naturally to investigate

The head of the investigation says the following:

– We have all the documents, and we are primarily concerned with the proceedings after the closure, says Hjelm-Hansen.

Kristiansen’s defender, lawyer Arvid Sjødin, says that he understands if the Bureau believes that the investigation of the alleged rape should be delegated to the Oslo police district, but:

– If there is reason to believe that the dating related to the incident is wrong, it is something that belongs to the Bureau. I think it may be natural for them to investigate this, says Sjødin.

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