The bankruptcy was not an impediment to celebrate in Rancagua

There are only five days left for Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile to take to the field to give life to a new Superclásico of Chilean football, in a match agreed for this Sunday, September 26 at 4:30 p.m. in El Teniente de Rancagua.

The most important football match in our country It will have to be carried out in the O’Higgins Region due to the remodeling that is being carried out in the National Stadium, This is a product of the next Pan American Games and the use of the ñuñoíno venue in this event.

Nevertheless, the Rancagua World Cup stadium is no stranger to this kind of duel, since many years ago Albos and blues saw each other in that venue in one of the many pre-season summer Superclassics, putting into play the now mythical Own Line Card Cup.

The appointment was given on Wednesday, January 23, 2002, the same day and just a few hours after the bankruptcy of the CSD Colo Colo was decreed by Judge Helga Marchant. With everything against it, Jaime Pizarro’s team took to the field to face their classic rival.

That night the albo team formed with Eduardo Lobos placeholder image in goal; Luis Mena, David Henríquez and Miguel Aceval in defence; Braulio Leal, Sergio Fernández, Rodolfo Madrid, Alonso Zúñiga and Marcelo Espina in the midfield; Héctor Tapia and Sebastián González in attack.

For its part, the U of Víctor Hugo Castañeda came out with Johnny herrera in the bow; Cristián Castañeda, Alex Von Schwedler, John Valladares and César Henríquez in defence; Pinto, Chavarría, García and Sebastián Pardo in the midfield; Pedro González and Luis Rueda in attack.

Several names that night in Rancagua ended up screaming champion in the Clausura of that year. | Photo: Archive.

The Cacique gave a little joy to his fans in one of his saddest days in history, winning by 3-1 thanks to goals from Héctor Tapia at 43 and 77 minutes, and another by Mario Cáceres at 88 ‘. For the blues, Rueda opened the account at 33 ‘.

Days later the Cacique played a friendly with Paraguay’s October 12, the day he wore this mythical shirt. | Photo: Archive.

After that meeting and with the passing of the weeks Héctor Tapia left for Palestino to help the club financially in that tough season, although of course, throwing himself on the way to several fans on top. History would put Titus in his place years later.

That horrible beginning of 2002 would have a dream ending, lifting the Clausura 2002 champion cup with a large part of the team that said present on the Rancagua field. Will history repeat itself this season?

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