The battery of a skateboard, the cause of the fatal fire in Recoleta

The firefighters’ reports that the criminal and misdemeanor prosecutor Sebastián Felludo received for the fire in the Recoleta department that caused the death of a mother and four of her children confirm that it was due to an accident.

The official result of the expertise carried out by the fire and explosion investigation office of the City Fire Department indicates that the cause is related to “the sudden thermal reaction of lithium batteries belonging to an electric scooter or skateboard, presumably induced by overload or excessive discharges, hits in cells or exposure to heat sources, whose thermal potential was transmitted to the elements with the capacity to burn, giving rise to what happened”.

Thus, the action of third parties was ruled out, as well as any power or gas malfunction in the home where the mother and four of her children died, the youngest being three years old.

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