The best life simulations for iOS and Android

While the Life simulation certainly not one of the oldest genres among games, it has blossomed into one of the most popular in a relatively short time. The most famous life simulation is certainly there The Sims. The popular game has been around for more than 2 decades on the market and has had some competitors and alternatives over the years, often also on smartphones.

We provide you with this Life simulations before:

  • The Sims: iOS and Android
  • AltLife: Android
  • Stardew Valley: iOS and Android
  • From Zero to Hero: iOS and Android
  • Animal Crossing: iOS and Android

The Sims

Probably the most famous life simulation in the world comes from the house SHE. With the Sims universe, the Spieleschmiede has been delighting players on a wide variety of platforms for two decades. 2000 First published on the PC, Part 4 is currently the most up-to-date. While the simulation was only available on one platform for a long time, now there are versions for all major consoles. There are currently 2 different versions for mobile devices.

While it is “Die Sims FreePlay“Is the older of the two versions,”Die Sims: Mobile“The newer variant. FreePlay is very much based on the main series for the PC and mostly uses the familiar elements. We can custom build our own Sim and guide it through life. Instead of racing through the lives of our Sims, we have to slow down a bit here.

So there are always smaller and larger tasks for us to do. Sometimes one has to renovation a new skill can be learned. Not only the design of our houses plays a role here, during our stay we help design the entire neighborhood and thus create small villages and large cities.

At The Sims: Mobile, we create our own Sims and lead them through life. Again, we cannot hunt through a Sim’s lifetime without restrictions. We meet again and again Story activitiesthat we can or must complete.

In order to be able to complete these activities, however, it is necessary energythat can be collected either over elapsing time or microtransactions. In addition, we can do individual things on the side that at least partially replenish our energy and thus shorten the time.

Die Sims FreePlay (iOS | Android) and The Sims Mobile (iOS | Android) are available free of charge in the respective stores.


In AltLife we are the lord of our life. The life simulation throws us into the big wide world at birth and from this point onwards leaves every single decision to us. We can choose how our school career goes, how we approach our relationships, what activities play a role in our life, and how our careers continue.

In contrast to many other life simulations, however, we do not steer a character through a simulated world here. Instead, it’s one text based simulator. Parameters such as health, happiness, appearance or intelligence are shown in an overview shown. The respective bars move from 0 to 100 and serve as the status of our current life. As we move through the different phases of life, there are always decisions to be made. How do we behave in certain situations, how do we deal with different people, what do we do in our free time.

AltLife offers countless individual overviews that show, among other things, how good our relationship is with our parents or pets, for example. We can also see which jobs with which salaries are available, what items we own, where we have invested and how we provide for our future. Based on each individual decision, the game then calculates new values ​​that either bring us closer to the right balance or create new challenges in our lives.

AltLife is free for Android available.

Stardew Valley

When it comes to life simulations, most people are allowed to Stardew Valley definitely not be absent. First published around 5 years ago, the popular game is now on all major platforms from PC about the Nintendo Switch until Smartphone represent. Programmed by a single developer over a span of 10 years, the game quickly became a cult game. In Stardew Valley we slip into the role of a young modern farmer who takes over the grandfather’s farm and builds it from scratch.

Stardew Valley is actually a mixture of Farmingsimulator and Life simulator. On the one hand, we cultivate fields, raise animals and take care of the farm. At the same time, it is also important to cope with everyday life and maintain social contacts. Spread over the map, we repeatedly meet residents of our village with whom we not only exchange nice things, but also exchange items every now and then.

Contacts can also be made at events that take place again and again. Away from work on the farm we can also go fishing and make countless changes to our surroundings.
Stardew Valley offers us a mixture of fixed processes and RPG. The game follows a calendar system with different seasons that affect our harvest and the environment differently.

Stardew Valley is up 4,99 Euro for iOS and around 4,69 Euro for Android available.

From Zero to Hero: Stadtmensch

Instead of focusing on life as a whole, “From Zero to Hero“In a specific Phase of life. This is where we start everyday life as adults and have to cope with various components of life. If we start with a shoddy job, we need to work our way up quickly or look for alternatives.

If we are not satisfied with our chosen path in life, we can go back to university or take alternative paths. If the money is not enough, we can take a look at the stock market, for example try and aim for the first million there. But if we act wrong, we end up under the bridge just as quickly. Unlike the Sims, “From Zero to Hero” mainly uses text-based components.

All decisions are answered like self-asked questions about our life. We then see the effects of our responses and actions in parameters. We see how our family is doing, our bank balance and whether things like cars, jobs and luxury villas are driving us into bankruptcy or to the top of the food chain.

From Zero to Hero: City Man is free for iOS and Android available.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the mobile Variant Animal Crossing, which was previously only released for Nintendo consoles. At Pocket Camp we pull on one Campsitewho will be our new home. In contrast to the variants for Nintendo devices, we don’t own a house here, but simply place ourselves between the other residents.

Due to the camping atmosphere, none of the roommates stays permanently on site, so we keep getting new impressions due to the fluctuation of visitors. How we get to know other campers is unusual. Whether we get new visitors depends more on our possessions or our design skills than on our personality. Every visitor to our campsite has certain ideas.

What they want can be called up at any time. To inspire us, always new objects the visitors let us know what is wrong with them. If we don’t have a loudspeaker, we have to find one to attract new guests. In order to get hold of these items, however, it is again very important to make new friendships.

This is the only way we can get entire objects or important individual parts, which we then use Crafting to be able to use. Of course we can also fish, hunt insects and collect fruits in Pocket Camp. Special fishing tournaments and seasonal innovations regularly add variety to the game.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is free for iOS and Android available.

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