The best pedometer apps for iOS and Android

The best pedometer apps for iOS and Android

I spoil the soul with walks with my two greyhounds. I regularly take off my shoes and walk barefoot across the meadow or the forest floor. A crazy feeling. Strengthens the foot muscles and promotes a special perception of the environment.”

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Everyday life has changed massively over the past few decades. While constant movement was not a problem in the past, people are now much too stuck in a sitting and lying position. Adequate daily exercise is essential for the Healthbut is often mistakenly associated with running or even weight training.

In fact, however, the achievement of is already daily 10,000 steps good for health. To achieve this step goal, there are some interesting apps.

We present you these Pedometer Apps before:

  • Pedometer++: iOS
  • Pedometer: Android
  • Pacer Pedometer: iOS and Android
  • Walky: iOS
  • StepsApp: iOS and Android


Pedometer ++ is now part of the iPhone-Inventar and also to my personal must-have apps. First published more than 10 years ago, the app only passed version 5 a few weeks ago, which brought some improvements. Pedometer++ is very popular for several reasons. For one, the app is around 20 MB incredibly slimand has previously taken up very little space on memory-poor iPhones.

Furthermore, the app convinces with a clear interface. When we open Pedometer++, we immediately have the most important information at a glance. The top third of the screen shows our steps taken today and a translation into Kilometer and the mastered Floors displayed. The rest of the surface is reserved for a review of the past weeks, months and years. Here, clear bars show us whether we have reached our daily step goal or not.

We can set the step goal ourselves at any time in the app settings and adjust it if necessary. While the recommended 10,000 steps are preset, there are theoretically no upper or lower limits. owners of one Apple Watch You can also choose to merge Apple Watch data with iPhone data.

We can also set rest days that are ours Step Goal Streaks do not interrupt. A particularly cool feature is the wheelchair mode, which works with an Apple Watch to track daily wheelchair pushes instead of steps. In the premium version, Pedometer++ also offers workouts and live maps, which give our walk visualizations another upgrade. The premium version costs 1.99 euros per month or 22.99 euros per year.

Pedometer++ is free for iOS available.


One of the most popular pedometer apps for Android is Pedometer. Over the years, the slim app has become the go-to place for anyone who wants to keep track of their daily steps. Pedometer convinces above all with one simple user interface, which shows us everything important immediately without starving any additional features. If we start Pedometer, we can see the steps we have taken today. In a bubble that has to be filled to the brim, the goal is shown to us at the same time.

In the lower third of the screen we also get to see some additional data. On the one hand, the app converts our steps into kilometers. On top of that, we see one calorie calculation and time indication. If we want to know more about our discipline over the past few days and weeks, we can switch to the report. Here we see in one bar graphhow successful we were or how much was missing on the respective daily goal.

A little extra to motivate us are the badges that keep coming back to us encourage should. In addition to step and calorie goals, some of which are a real challenge. Pedometer is based on the dedicated sensor in modern smartphones, so it needs no background activity, which may go to the battery. In addition, all the features of the app are also included in the free version. Only the removal of the advertising costs 2.39 euros.

Pedometer is free for Android available.

Pacer Pedometer

The Pacer Pedometer app is also extremely popular. The pedometer app specializes in tracking our daily steps, but also offers a few extras. Pacer Pedometer also convinces with one clear dashboard, which presents us with the most important data without hesitation. Prominently in the middle we see the steps taken today and ours Distance to the predefined destination. In addition, Pedometer shows us what these steps mean in calories, kilometers and active time.

We also find a bar chart directly in the dashboard, which shows our activity including step distribution over the entire day. To view past days, we can either change the day using the dropdown or switch to the Trends tab. There you can find data about the past seven days to a year see. Among other things, our daily average and the total number over the selected period are calculated here.

In addition to counting the steps, Pacer Pedometer offers some additional functions. For example, we can walking routes predefine and track them. But it’s particularly cool group functionwith which goals and results can be shared with others to create a mutual motivation to accomplish.

With the premium function, which is available for EUR 9.99 per month or EUR 39.99 per year, we unlock additional functions such as weight goals or the group finder, as well as some additional reports.

Pacer Pedometer is free for iOS and Android available.


While almost everyone knows that the daily step goal is an important contributor to own health delivers, there is still a lack of motivation in some places. Straight dog owners At the same time, it is said that daily walks lead to a particularly healthy lifestyle and that they have fewer problems in reaching their step goals.

Walky tries to unite the two worlds on a virtual level. The app introduces us to one virtual dog to the side we have to take care of. After we gave our dog a name when we started the app for the first time, we can already get started. Walky visualizes the steps we have taken on the dashboard and how many we are still missing from the daily goal. Underneath we find our virtual dog, which we walk through extensive walks make happy.

In order to achieve our self-defined goals, the app reminds us regularly, just like a dog would. In the app we then see a clear history of how well-behaved we have been in the past few days and weeks. Thanks to the simplicity and the additional motivating factor Walky is one of the best apps when it comes to step goal achievement.

Walky is free for iOS available.


One of the most modern, almost futuristic interfaces, provides StepsApp. Here, too, one has fully dedicated oneself to counting steps and improving one’s own health. Thanks to the extensive processing of our step counts, StepsApp is an absolute paradise, especially for data freaks. In the dashboard, we are greeted directly with the number of steps we have taken and the distance to the goal.

In addition, the app presents us with our steps in Calories, kilometers and time converted. Also in the dashboard we see a timeline with the past few days and how far we were from the set goal. By switching between day, week and month, we get all the data that has come up extra processed. To do this, the app always informs us about the respective trend in the selected period.

For added motivation, StepsApp also includes a Series and award feature. Above all, continuous success is rewarded here. If we not only want to count our steps, but also want to get fitter, StepsApp also has a lot to offer. Among other things, we can start workouts that are tracked by the app.

The integrated weight tracker also keeps us up to date on the melting kilos. However, the full range of functions also has its price. StepsApp costs EUR 4.99 per month or EUR 19.99 per year. But we get one of the most modern apps in this category.

StepsApp is free for iOS and Android available.

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