The best photos of the volcano eruption near Reykjavík, in Iceland

Volcano eruption in Iceland

Photo: Reuters

[{“src”:”https:\/\/\/media\/pictures\/2022\/08\/04\/2799949.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”Turistas quedan asombrados ante la erupci\u00f3n. Foto: Reuters”,”alt”:”Reikiavik est\u00e1 cercana a la erupci\u00f3n del volc\u00e1n”,”thumb”:”https:\/\/\/media\/styles\/image400x300\/public\/pictures\/2022\/08\/04\/2799949.jpg”}},{“src”:”https:\/\/\/media\/pictures\/2022\/08\/04\/2799950.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”El volc\u00e1n atrae a decenas de turistas. Foto: Reuters”,”alt”:”As\u00ed se ve la erupci\u00f3n en el volc\u00e1n de Reikiavik”,”thumb”:”https:\/\/\/media\/styles\/image400x300\/public\/pictures\/2022\/08\/04\/2799950.jpg”}},{“src”:”https:\/\/\/media\/pictures\/2022\/08\/04\/2799951.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”El volc\u00e1n entr\u00f3 repentinamente en erupci\u00f3n. Foto: Reuters”,”alt”:”erupci\u00f3n de volc\u00e1n en Reikiavik”,”thumb”:”https:\/\/\/media\/styles\/image400x300\/public\/pictures\/2022\/08\/04\/2799951.jpg”}},{“src”:”https:\/\/\/media\/pictures\/2022\/08\/04\/2799952.jpg”,”opts”:{“caption”:”As\u00ed se ve la erupci\u00f3n de Islandia. Foto: Reuters”,”alt”:”Imagen de erupci\u00f3n de volc\u00e1n en Islandia”,”thumb”:”https:\/\/\/media\/styles\/image400x300\/public\/pictures\/2022\/08\/04\/2799952.jpg”}}]

A volcano erupted this Wednesday near Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland, reported the Meteorological Institute of this Nordic country, while local media showed images of lava flowing from the ground.

The eruption occurred about 40 kilometers from Reykjavík, near the Mount Fagradalsfjall where in 2021 a volcano was erupting for six months.

An eruption started near Fagradalsfjall. The exact location is yet to be confirmed,” the Meteorological Institute, which tracks seismic activity, said on Twitter.

The eruption started in the Meradalir valley.

Although there is no ash column, the Institute said that “contamination may be detected due to gas emissions.”

Currently there are no affected flights, the national airport authority told AFP.

Mount Fagradalsfjall belongs to the Krysuvik volcanic system of the Reykjanes Peninsula, in southwestern Iceland.

Iceland has 32 volcanic systems considered active, the largest number in all of Europe.


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