The best phrases of the candidates in the ‘Debate on unpopular issues’

The country had the opportunity to hear the proposals of Sergio Fajardo, Rodolfo Hernández and Federico Gutiérrez on matters related to the economic management of the country inThe Unpopular Topics Debate”, broadcast through the live signal of Caracol Radio, the W and Canal Uno.

In which the tax and fiscal challenges, a possible labor and pension reform, the increase in inflation, food security and free trade agreements were discussed, with the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia (ANDI) and the economic analysis of Bruce Mac Master.

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That, for an hour and a half, they questioned the candidates for the presidency, looking for the best option for the pocket of colombians and the social development in the country. With the conspicuous absence of Gustavo Petro who, despite being invited, decided not to attend.

This is what they said:

Serge Fajardo:

  • · “The conditions must be guaranteed so that the products that are cultivated in the field have access to the markets.”
  • · “To advance in rural development we are going to implement the first point of the Peace Agreement, which has to do with land ownership.”
  • · “We cannot speak in abstract terms because in Colombia there is inequality and poverty. We are going to collect 30 billion pesos. It does not touch the middle class or VAT.”
  • · “We must confront corruption because it is a source of loss of income. We must work in a social culture of legality.”
  • · “The President of the Republic has participated in politics and there is no sanction whatsoever. The Law of Guarantees is a way of intervening in politics.”
  • · “We are going to work on education and knowledge to achieve the productive transformation of Colombia.”
  • · “Productivity in Colombia is stagnant. We must work on export capacity and energy transformation.”

Federico Gutierrez:

  • · “Inflation is a global problem and families are not having enough resources.”
  • · “Excessive interest rates slow down the economy, I do not believe in eternal subsidies.”
  • · “We must point to the growth of the economy with more companies and taxation. It is important to look at the state of finances.”
  • · “The reform must be structural, not every two years. The income of the middle class and the most vulnerable are the ones that must be cared for the most.”
  • · “A reform must never go against the rights of workers. Employment does not come out of the trees, investment must be made in strategic infrastructure and completion of the 4G works”.

Rodolfo Hernandez:

  • · “To govern one must surround oneself with the best academic exponents.”
  • · “The Bank of the Republic has been raising interest rates and the economy is paralyzed. That’s where food production comes in.”
  • · “We are importing more than we export. To pay the letters of credit that are sold to us abroad we have to borrow.”
  • · “I am an enemy of continuing to make tax reforms, they have given us 19.”
  • · “There is a bias to favor a particular candidate.”

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