The big favorite shows the muscles… but trembles for Neymar – Brief and NOTES from the players (Brazil 2-0 Serbia)

Perfectly contained in the first period, Brazil ended up rolling over Serbia (2-0), this Thursday, for its first in the World Cup in Qatar. Unsustainable in the second half, the Seleo launched its tournament perfectly by sending a very serious message to the competition. Only black point of the evening, the exit on injury of Neymar.

The big favorite shows the muscles... but trembles for Neymar - D

Richarlison scored twice for Brazil.

The planet has been warned: Brazil did not come to Qatar to laugh. Designated as the great favorite of the event, the Seleo got off to a perfect start to its World Cup by easily defeating Serbia (2-0) on Thursday.

Long ineffective, the Auriverde put on the warm-up blue after the break to return without any state of mind to their opponents, who never existed offensively.

Very solid Serbia

In the stadium that will host the final, Lusail, the Brazilians quickly put their foot on the ball. With its offensive quartet, the Seleo launched raids in the corridors to try to stretch a Serbian bloc well in place. Not really panicking, Tadic’s partners were not very dangerous but managed to progress quite easily in the opposing camp thanks to their very good technique and their intelligent occupation of the field.

Over the minutes, Brazil tightened the embrace a little more and started lighting the fuse, often from afar. Casemiro and Raphinha alternately heated the gloves of V. Milinkovic-Savic, imperial on his line and author of a very authoritative outing at the feet of Vinicius Jr. And Neymar, in all that? The Parisian showed himself restless and determined. But he was systematically stopped by two or three players to prevent him from making the difference.

Brazil unfolds, Neymar injured

When they returned from the locker room, the five-time world champions passed the second and exerted even more intense pressure. If the attackers struggled to find the opening, Alex Sandro hit the post with his heavy shot. A hot alert before the sanction. After a good breakthrough from Neymar, Richarlison, non-existent so far, emerged to free his people after a strike from Vinicius Jr repelled by the Serbian goalkeeper (1-0, 62nd).

Freed, delivered, the Auriverde were more at ease despite Serbian pressure. And they definitely took shelter on a new goal, this time exceptional, from Richarlison, who placed an acrobatic volley at the penalty spot (2-0, 73rd). If the exit of Neymar, injured and in tears on the sidelines, spoiled the party, Casemiro touched the bar with a long shot. A Brazil in diesel mode but a Brazil already well launched in this competition.

The score of the match: 6.5/10

A closed first period with a very solid Serbian team which contained Brazil perfectly. A one-way second act with a Seleo who rolled out her football in an insolent way to snatch a deserved victory. The addition could have been much dirtier for the Tadic band, which never existed against a formation sure of its strength and impermeable.

The goals :

– In the middle, Neymar pierces the Serbian block and has the ball stolen by Vinicius Jr, whose shot wraps from the left is carded by Milinkovic-Savic. On the lookout, Richarlison is the quickest to take the ball back to deceive the Serbian goalkeeper from close range (1-0, 62nd).

– On the left, Vinicius Jr provokes his opponent and distills a center from the outside of the right foot for Richarlison. At the penalty spot, the Tottenham striker controls the ball with his left foot and places a sumptuous acrobatic recovery with his unstoppable right foot (2-0, 73′).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the match: Thiago Silva (8.5/10)

Little contributed by Mitrovic, the central defender and captain of Brazil played in an armchair. His serenity, quite disconcerting at this level, resented the Serbian attackers. He has also allowed himself many high-class openings forward. He didn’t score, he didn’t score, but he, unlike all his other partners, was perfect from the first minute to the last. A simply monstrous game.


Alisson (5): the Liverpool goalkeeper had nothing to do since Serbia did not frame a single shot. A very quiet evening for him.

Danilo (6): a match of duty for the right side of Juventus. In front of Cafu’s eyes, the former Real Madrid player defended himself well, leaving his opponents little room for manoeuvre.

Marquinhos (7): not very serene about his recent club performances, the central defender of Paris Saint-Germain seems much calmer alongside Thiago Silva. He did not make the slightest mistake in this well-mastered part.

Thiago Silva (8.5): read comment above.

Alex Sandro (6.5): like Danilo, his club partner, the Brazilian left side has closed the spaces well in front of Tadic. He showed himself to be more offensive after the break, notably touching the post with a heavy shot low to the ground 0-0.

Casemiro (8): a very good performance for the Manchester United midfielder. Solid in duels, effective in recovery, the five-time winner of the Champions League has shown his class. He is almost rewarded at the end of the match with a strike pushed back by the bar.

Lucas Paquet (6.5): Placed in an unusual position in a double-pivot, the West Ham midfielder was interesting in his ability to repeat efforts. Author of a caviar for Raphinha in the first period, he was complementary with Casemiro. Replace the 75th minute with Fred (no not).

Raphinha (5): a tone below Neymar and Vinicius Jr. The FC Barcelona winger made little impact on his right wing and spoiled a golden service from Paqueta. Given the sidelines available to Tite, it is not sure that he is still a holder. Replace the 87th minute with Gabriel Martinelli (not not).

Neymar (6.5): the Paris Saint-Germain striker was stirring and the origin of many Brazilian actions, such as the one leading to the first goal. Unsurprisingly, the Auriverde playmaker took a lot of blows with nine fouls suffered including a tackle from Milenkovic which will leave marks on his right ankle. Crying on the sidelines, the former FC Barcelona player will have to take tests to find out the severity of his injury. Replace 79th minute with Anthony (not not).

Vincius Jnior (7): In his usual style, the Real Madrid winger made a few differences in the first act thanks to his burst of speed and his body feints, which are still just as devastating. He was messy for a long time before contributing to Richarlison’s two goals, first seeing his curled shot pushed back by the opposing goalkeeper then offering a caviar to the Tottenham striker. Replace 76th minute with Rodrygo (no not).

Richarlison (7): for an hour, the Tottenham striker was the worst player on his team. Then he decided to wake up by scoring a goal full of opportunism and then doubling the lead with a high-class acrobatic volley. Inevitably, that is more than enough to say that he succeeded in his match. Replace 79th minute with Gabriel Jesus (not not).


Vanja Milinkovic-Savic (8): the Serbian goalkeeper saved the day by making 8 saves in this part. His scale and playfulness were impressive, fending off the chance until he cracked two unstoppable goals from Richarlison.

Nikola Milenkovic (6): the central defender of Fiorentina has long been very good in making high-class interventions to stop the Brazilian attackers. He has more difficulty at the end of the game and ends up injuring Neymar on a poorly controlled tackle.

Milos Veljkovic (6): Werder’s rock was also good for an hour, leaving very few spaces for Richarlison. He too has been moved quite seriously in the last half hour.

Strahinja Pavlovic (7): so disappointing to Monaco, the central defender of Salzburg was strong in the duels during this game. He multiplied the rough tackles but in the rules of the art to intimidate his adversaries. A good game.

Andrija Zivkovic (5): the right piston was first interesting in his lane, destabilizing the Brazilian block with precise passes on his bad foot. Then he had a lot more trouble with the rise of Vinicius Jr, who made him bite the dust many times on his accelerations. Replace the 57th minute with Nemanja Radonjic (not not).

Sasa Lukic (4): the Torino midfielder unfortunately spent more time hitting and contesting refereeing decisions than serving his attackers. It’s a shame because the technical quality is not a fault with him. Replace the 66th minute with Darko Lazovic (not not).

Nemanja Gudelj (6): a valuable first period for the FC Sville midfielder, who was able to position himself intelligently to stay a good distance from his defenders. The only time he was had, he did not hesitate to tackle Neymar to prevent him from infiltrating the area. His exit coincides with the loss of solidity of the Serbian bloc. Replace the 57th minute with Ivan Ilic (not not).

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic (4): we are still waiting to know the real level of the Lazio midfielder. Tonight again, we didn’t see much apart from a few openings on his wingers. A rat game.

Filip Mladenovic (5): a barely average match for the Serbian left piston. Little jostled by Raphinha, he was however too little enterprising to help his comprehensions of the attack. Replace the 66th minute with Dusan Vlahovic (not not).

Dusan Tadic (3): the captain of the Serbian selection was not up to the task. The Ajax playmaker gave the impression of never wanting to believe his ball shots. Transparent from start to finish.

Aleksandar Mitrovic (4.5): reduced by an ankle injury, the Fulham striker had a very thankless role in this match. Too lonely, he was forced to come down very low to touch the ball. The problem is that there was no longer anyone to be the reception of his passes. Replace the 83rd minute with Nemanja Maksimovic (not not).

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The magnificent Lusail stadium, where the final will take place on December 18

Neymar took a lot in this part

A goal full of opportunism for Richarlison (1-0, 62nd)

Double for Richarlison (2-0, 73rd)

Sacred match for the lesser known of the Milinkovic-Savic brothers

Neymar was seriously hit in the right ankle

Neymar in tears on the sidelines

VIDEO: Richarlison’s amazing goal

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