The big message to Oscar and Nicolas – now it’s happening!

Now it’s finally time!

Summer is here, which means long leave on Öland for our royalty. Here the royal children have played for several generations and now the tradition is passed on to the smallest royalty.

At Solliden, the royal couple live in the castle and the royal children and their families in different houses in the area. The adults can enjoy the sea and the tranquility that the summer place contributes.

Prince Oscar and Princess Estelle

Prince Oscar and Princess Estelle

Henrik Montgomery / TT

Crown Princess Victoria puts into words how important Solliden was to her and her upbringing.

– I have spent all my summers on Öland, so it is close to my heart for that reason, Victoria has previously told Aftonbladet.

And for the children, of course, it will be a lot of fun! Considering that it has been two very strange summers considering the corona pandemic, it is probably very welcome for the children to meet again and play a whole summer!

Prince Nicolas’ summer joy

Another factor in the whole thing is that Prince Nicolas, 7, is back in Sweden after being at home in Florida for the past few summers. So now he has the whole summer on him where he can hang out with his cousins!

Prince Nicolas

Prince Nicolas!

Patrick Trägårdh / TT

It can probably be expected to be a lot of play and mischief with their cousins. Among other things with cousin Prince Oscar, 6, who is the same age.

Think, now Estelle, Oscar, Leonore, Nicolas, Adrienne, Alexander, Gabriel and Julian have another summer together ahead of them – wonderful!

It is not surprising that the cousins ​​have come close to each other. The royal children have a strong sibling relationship and of course Victoria, Carl Philip and Madeleine want their little ones to have the same thing for each other:

As Princess Madeleine previously said:

– A cousin relationship is very special. It’s like a best friend who’s family anyway. There is something unique about a close cousin, which we encourage.

According to Svensk Dam’s informant, the entire royal family was gathered at Solliden already in midsummer, so the cousin joke seems to have already started …

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