The big mistake with the princess – became apparent during the funeral

Now we have an explanation.

Here the king and Silvia arrive – place of honor in the front row

After the commercial: Here the king and Silvia arrive – place of honor in the front row


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On Monday, Queen Elizabeth was laid to rest after 70 years on the throne. She lived to be 96 years old.

During the dignified ceremony that took place in London, various royalty and heads of state from all over the world were under one roof – Westminster Abbey.

King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia were of course there and also had the very best seats – opposite the British royal family and closer to the coffin than, for example, Prince William.

One who was missing, however, was Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary. Denmark’s Se og HOR reported last week that Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were invited to the funeral.

But when the TV cameras zoomed in, you could only see Margrethe and Frederik.

So where was the crown princess?

Now we have the answer.

She was probably at home in Denmark. There had been a mistake, apparently, and that became obvious when the television broadcast from inside the church started.

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Daily Mail writes on Tuesday that a protocol error in the British Foreign Ministry is the reason for the crown princess’s absence.

– There has been a regrettable error in the invitation from the British Foreign Ministry’s protocol, the Royal Palace’s communications department told the Ritzau newspaper.

TV channel BT’s correspondent Jacob Heinel Jensen says that the Danish royal family has been partly upset because the change came so late.

“It’s so clumsy and regrettable. Now they have to come out and admit the mistake, and it’s embarrassing,” said Jensen, according to the English tabloid.

“I think the royal family understands that there has been a mistake, it is human. I myself wondered how it would go because the British media has previously written that a party per country may be a maximum of two people”.

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