The Biopark gets into the political fight in La Plata between the opposition and the ruling party

The block of councilors of the Front of All presented a project so that the Executive report “if there is a master plan” for the La Plata Biopark and details which institutions and organizations will participate in the initiative. In this way, the property where the Zoo would operate became a new topic of political discussion between the ruling party and the La Plata opposition.

The Biopark was created by municipal ordinance 11535 in 2017. At the opening of sessions of the Deliberative Council this year, the mayor Julius Garro announced that it would convene a competition of ideas for the development of a master plan to reopen the former Zoo.

“I want to announce that we are going to call an ideas competition for the development of a master plan with the aim of reopening the Biopark. All those who want to invest in this project will be part of a unique moment in our city”, affirmed the community chief on March 3 before the officials, councilors and legislators from Buenos Aires who were present that day at the venue.

It is in this framework that the opposition mayors They now ask to know if progress was made in that project to reopen the Paseo del Bosque Platense Biopark. The project, authorship of the president of the bench, Yanina Lambertasks Mayor Garro to report “about the preparation of the Master Plan for the administration of the Biopark created from Municipal Ordinance 11535/17, and which institutions will participate in it.”

On April 30, the councilors of the Frente de Todos approached the door of the Biopark, former La Plata Zoo, to see the state of the property and the animals that still inhabit the place today. In this sense, from the block they showed great concern for the state of the Biopark, the lack of information on the state of the animals and the impossibility for the residents of La Plata to visit and enjoy this botanical garden.

The last report of the Executive on the “ups and downs of semovientes (animals) of the municipal patrimony” was presented last February Garro. The councilors questioned the large number of casualties of rheas, flamingos, deer, capybaras, goats, among others, for different reasons, among which “dog attacks, cachexia and pneumonia” stand out.

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