The black butterflies: what is the Arte series worth with Nicolas Duvauchelle?

black butterflies, the new six-episode mini-series arrives on Arte this Thursday, September 22 at 8:55 p.m. A real UFO on French television that we can only recommend!

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It’s a fact: Arte is a daring channel. And she proves it to us once again with her six-episode mini-series black butterflies, the broadcast of which starts this Thursday, September 22 at 8:55 p.m. (and which is already available on Largely inspired by the films of the giallo – this essentially Italian cinema which regularly mixes thrillers, horror and eroticism – the fiction is clearly not to be put in all hands, even broadcast in prime time.

The black butterflies: a real television UFO

The story of this real French television UFO? That of Adrien (Nicolas Duvauchelle who revealed that he was for a time inhabited by a certain violence, like his character), a writer lacking in inspiration who is contacted by a very mysterious old gentleman, Albert (Niels Arestrup who gave the reply to Patrick Bruel). He wants him to write his memoirs. Over the course of meetings, he opens up and talks about the passionate love he had with a certain Solange and with whom he admits having committed many murders, each more sordid than the other. The two men forge a relationship between fascination and attraction. Above all, Adrien discovers over the course of the meetings that he was not chosen at random by this individual, far from it.

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Nicolas Duvauchelle and Niels Arestrup are particularly convincing

Series black butterflies, with a particularly slick image and production, turns out to be as far-fetched, daring, gripping and torturous as its pitch suggests, as long as you let yourself be caught up in this singular universe. Nicolas Duvauchelle is particularly convincing in the skin of this failed and particularly tortured novelist. And finds in Niels Arestrup a partner at his height. All the secondary characters are all equally intriguing.

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