The blue dollar rose 11 pesos, surpassed a new record and closed at $283

The The blue dollar rose 11 pesos this Wednesday and exceeded the intraday nominal record of $280 from last week. In the last few hours, the informal US bill had a significant rise and closed at $283 for sale.

In this way, the free dollar registers an increase of 45 pesos or 18.9% in the course of July and, with a wholesaler offered to $127.82, the exchange gap widened to 121.4%. Meanwhile, it is worth noting that the “cash with settlement” operated through the Global 30 bond (GD30C) is agreed at $290, close to its record of 300 pesos, while the MEP dollar stands at $278 through the Bonar 30 (AL30D).

According to the Latin Focus Forecast report, a study that averages the estimates of 45 consulting firms and local and foreign financial entities, a wholesale dollar is projected at $161.31 by the end of December. We must remember that the wholesale dollar is close to $127.59, which means that it should rise by almost 26.4 percent by the end of the year.

Among the consultants that estimated a higher exchange rate for December 2022, Eco Go ($185 per dollar) stood out; VDC Consultant ($182.50 per dollar), LCG Consultant ($179.40), and Quantum Finance ($177). In this sense, the future dollar contracts negotiated in the ROFEX marked positions of $175 for the close of December.

Meanwhile, the specialists indicated that the monetary authority accumulates so far in 2022 net purchases in the wholesale market for some USD 1,184 million, an amount that represents 16.9% of the net balance in favor obtained in the same period of 2021, which accumulated some USD 7,024 million as of July 12, 2021.

Gross international reserves fell on Tuesday by USD 61 million and ended at 40,395 million dollars. Likewise, the price of the euro fell below that of the dollar on Wednesday for the first time since December 2002, breaking a symbolic threshold at a time of accelerating inflation in the United States, which opens the door to a contractionary monetary policy by the Federal Reserve .

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