The blue rose to $293 in the Region, thanks to the advance of the financiers

The blue rose to $293 in the Region, thanks to the advance of the financiers

the porteña stock market had a wheel with profits / web

The blue dollar advanced nine pesos yesterday, to $293 in the Region and $291 for sale in CABA, to cut a three-day low series. In the Interior and Conurbano, prices were agreed to around $295. The rebound in stock prices, with a “cash with liquidation” that also touched $291, reversed the trend in the parallel market after noon. At the close, the “counted with liqui” settled at 287.73 pesos.

For its part, the MEP dollar rose to $280.16, so the gap against the official exchange rate reached 109.3%.

The wholesale dollar rose to $132.20, with a gap of 120.1% compared to the free dollar.

The free dollar touched an intraday record of $350 on July 22.

The savings dollar or solidarity dollar -which includes 30% of the COUNTRY tax and the deductible 35% of Income and Personal Property Tax- rose 28 cents to $229.47. In this way, the gap with the blue approached $50 and is the smallest in three weeks.

The Central Bank had to carry out another strong sale for more than US$170 million in the wholesale round. So far in 2022, it has accumulated net purchases in the wholesale market for just US$316 million, an amount that represents 4.5% of the net balance in favor obtained in the same period last year, which accumulated some US$ 7,091 million as of August 2, 2021.

The country risk measured by the JP bank. Morgan rose to 2,419 points, against a recent intraday all-time high of 2,976 points.

The Buenos Aires stock market closed higher, while dollar bonds fell, waiting for economic announcements.

BYMA’s S&P Merval stock index gained 1.1% to 118,873.26 after falling 4% on Monday and dipping 7.7% in two sessions. It should be noted that the leading panel rose 7.6% during the past week and closed July with a rise of 38.5%.

Dollar bonds fell across the board, according to market data.

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