“The bookseller” says goodbye and has arranged her successor

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Sigrid Kneist reports from TEMPELHOF-SCHÖNEBERG:

  • Winner of multiple awards, great history, an institution in the neighborhood: After 47 years, Christiane Fritsch-Weith (“The Bookseller”) is saying goodbye to the Bayerischer Platz bookshop, which will remain in the neighborhood. More on this in the newsletter, other topics include:
  • Lessons for Ukrainian boys and girls: The learning groups of the “Schöneberg helps” initiative still have places
  • Controversial development plan for the Marienhöfe: special meeting of the building committee
  • Memory of Romy Schneider: Greens apply for a memorial plaque
  • A heart for horses: Lease agreement for a pony farm
  • Against too much stress and the pressure of grades: Motion of the Children and Youth Parliament

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Johanna Treblin writes from MARZAHN-HELLERSDORF:

  • Ahrensfelde bypass – Citizens’ initiatives and politicians want to reopen planning
  • That was the Marzahn Pride
  • The artist Jorn Ebner is required to reside in the refugee home for one month
  • School pavilions for the elementary school at the mill
  • District should check wind turbines on the district’s roofs
  • Lack of training opportunities for roller sports clubs
  • Movement atlas for Marzahn-Hellersdorf – all sports offers at a glance
  • Alice Salomon University opens start-up center
  • Exchange of ideas: “Marzahn – what do you dream of?”

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André Görke reports from SPANDAU:

  • Wasteland, bare squares, no trees: Berlin’s building senator visits the water town of Spandau. The newsletter contains the on-site check before the big political visit from downtown Berlin
  • Everyone knows “Little Venice”, but who lives in the excursion idyll? The head of the “Freunde Klein-Venedigs” (Friends of Little Venice) speaks in the newsletter about the heat, mosquitoes, vegans, tourist trouble – and wishes for the Spandau town hall
  • “I met Bela B. from the doctors”: The exclusive photo of two Spandau music legends is in the newsletter
  • BVG bus to the bathing lake? City Councilor for Transport talks about barriers and bus ideas in the newsletter
  • Will the “Berliner Tor” at Gutspark Kladow be demolished? Baustadtrat solves the riddle of the scaffolding in the newsletter
  • Happy birthday, dear BVG ferry F10!
  • Spandau’s most famous restaurant is for sale
  • Three tips for the Fete de la Musique
  • Newsletter visits the DLRG tower on the Scharfen Lanke – and is allowed to go upstairs for you with the photo camera
  • SC Siemensstadt: sports fields are renovated, youth coaches are honored
  • Young professional from Hertha BSC: Kladower Anton Kade is moving to FC Basel
  • Hitler’s bronze horses are coming to Spandau: now it’s clear where they can be seen
  • Havelradweg in Gatow: An 800-meter section has been missing for years – the newsletter mentions the new idea for the village center

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