The Brazilian Justice fined Bolsonaro's party for the request to annul votes

The Brazilian Justice fined Bolsonaro’s party for the request to annul votes

The electoral court of Brazil He rejected the request of Jair Bolsonaro’s party to annul the votes of the election that took place at the end of last month and charged him a fine of 4.3 million dollars for having initiated legal measures in “bad faith.” The former president of the neighboring nation had demanded that the votes of some electronic voting machines be canceled, alleging that there had been fraud.

Alexandre de Moreaes rejected the request of Bolsonaro’s party.

The reason given by Alexandre de Moraes, president of the Superior Electoral Tribunal of Brazilwas that the Liberal party started a complaint “ostensibly offensive to the democratic rule of law, with the purpose of encouraging criminal and anti-democratic movements that, even with serious threats and violence, have been obstructing highways and streets throughout the country”.

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