The breakdown of the resistance could push the Triboo stock up

The last year on the stock market of the Triboo stock was very interesting. Although, in fact, with a negative performance, it did better than the average of its reference sector. In the ranking of the top performers in the IT services sector, therefore, Triboo shares are placed in the middle of the table behind stocks such as ITWay which dominates with an increase of about 35%. On the opposite side of the ranking is Expert.AI with a drop of about 70%.

For over a month, the stock has been struggling with the obstacles placed along the bullish path currently underway. Hence, the breakdown of resistance could push the Triboo stock up. In particular, it could push prices towards the most probable target in the € 1.603 area (1st price target). The next objective, then, could be placed in the area of ​​€ 2.068. The maximum bullish extension, on the other hand, could be in the 2.533 euro area.

On the downside, however, the most probable target could go to the 1.126 euro area. A confirmation in this sense could be had from a weekly closing of less than 1,331 euros.

The valuation of the Triboo stock

According to what is reported in the specialized magazines, the Triboo stock is very undervalued. For example, considering the price-to-earnings ratio, we find that this stock is much lower than the industry average. Only the Portobello stock is, according to this parameter, cheaper than Triboo. Still on the subject of the price-to-earnings ratio, however, it should be noted that in terms of growth, Triboo shares are the worst offenders in the reference sector.

Furthermore, the stock has a very low valuation level, with a company value estimated at 0.45 times its turnover for the current year. Additionally, the company’s price relative to its net book value makes the stock appear relatively cheap. Finally, considering the positive cash flows generated by the activity, the level of valorisation of the company is an important resource.

From an analyst’s point of view, the average recommendation is to buy with an average target price that expresses an undervaluation of around 100%.

The breaking of the resistances could push the Triboo title up: the indications of the graphic analysis

The title Triboo (MIL: TB) at the close of 20 June it marked a price of 1.378 euros, up by 1.32% compared to the previous session.

Weekly time frame

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