The Buenos Aires Government warns that in the summer there could be a re-outbreak of COVID-19

The Government of Buenos Aires alarmed the community and assured that there could be a flare-up of COVID-19 in the summer. This was indicated by the Minister of Health, Nicolas Kreplak, who argued that cases could increase in the coming months and asked to maintain preventive measures.

“In the summer we could have some kind of regrowth but I don’t think it will lead us to take restrictions, I don’t want to say anything with certainty because in the pandemic things are changing”, said the official, and stressed the need to continue to use the mask in closed spaces: “There may be a wave, especially because it starts to get very hot, there is air conditioning in closed places so you have to be very careful, keep wearing the mask and maintain ventilation in closed places.”

Meanwhile, Kreplak also stated that there should be “a social debate” about restricting the movement of people not vaccinated against the virus: “It is a discussion that we must give ourselves, not only health, but it must go through society in general and I would do it now to arrive prepared (before the possibility of another wave) and I think the discussion is whether or not to put yourself at risk to the others, “he said, adding that” you have to discuss it, you have to raise awareness, many people did not get vaccinated and not because they are against vaccines but because they are waiting and we do not want them to arrive too late (to inoculation) and then he has to regret it. “

In this sense, Kreplak commented that “in the world there are experiences where you cannot go to work, you cannot go to study, to the cinema, to the theater or to sports events if you are not vaccinated. I have nothing to say about Argentina, I think it is a social debate that exceeds the scope of the Ministry of Health “.

Regarding the epidemiological situation of the province of Buenos Aires, he explained that the cases have been going up and down for more or less six weeks and they continue to “monitor the situation”: “In the province we had about 350 cases per weekly average day and now we are at 460, that is, it rose a little, so we continue testing,” he said.

On the other hand, the minister once again expressed his concern that about 35% of children ages 3 to 11 are not signed up for the coronavirus vaccine and asked to “sit down and reflect” on the importance of the population being immunized before next winter arrives: “We have registered 65% of the population between 3 and 11 years old; that is, there are 35% of boys who do not they have done. Having 35 to 40% of children not vaccinated is really worrying “., explained Kreplak, who attributed this situation to the lack of information and the fear that some parents may have about immunization, among other factors.

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