The Cacique analyzes going to the ANFP for the six foreigners from La Calera

Colo Colo had to work a lot on the synthetic Nicolás Chahuán Nazar, rescuing a valuable 1-1 draw against Unión La Calera that serves to remain absolute leaders on this 18th date of the 2021 National Championship.

However, the game could continue to be played in the corridors of the ANFP due to the controversy of the six foreigners present on the roster of the cement table at the start of the second round of the local tournament.

The situation occurred after the Sebastián Sáez registration for the second part of the championship, since Sacha only played the Copa Libertadores in the first half of the season as the quota of foreigners in the Caleran team was full.

It was expected that his place was occupied by Matías Laba, who at first was going to leave the cement institution to go to San Luis de Quillota, but to the surprise of many ended up being a starter against the Cacique, since he occupied the foreigner quota of the injured Gonzalo Castellani.

The situation is not so simple, since only an injury of more than 180 days of recovery allows a player to be removed from the roster and the Argentine apparently was just a tear before the University of Chile on the last date.

The statement of Francisco Meneghini, cement coach, did not help much either after the game, since he affirmed that “Castellani or (Santiago) García are not necessarily going to leave, there is an administrative issue that I am not the best one to explain. But the club explained to me that in this match we could count on foreigners without necessarily leaving any of those who were not there today ”.

Sebastian Saez

Sebastián Sáez was present in the Caleran team in the 1-1 against Colo Colo. | Photo: UNO Agency.

The loophole in this pass is important, because basically Unión La Calera has six foreigners until the beginning of date 21 (fourth of the second round), which is when the ANFP pass book closes.

In Colo Colo they are already aware of all this matter, so they are evaluating going to the ANFP to find a better argument for the situation of the Caleran team and set a precedent before this leadership move to be able to register Sebastián Sáez in the local tournament.

A 1-1 between albos and cement workers that will undoubtedly continue to be played these days and that will open a debate about the assembly of the Chilean teams.

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